Perhaps we remember the music by Late Fela Kuti.. I no be gentleman at all… I be African man original…?

There has been cacophonous noise for and against Ben Murray-Bruce, the Nigerian Senator who has been campaigning that “we buy Nigeria to grow the Naira value”. More than enough has been written concerning his CommonSense Campaign urging us to value and patronize made in Nigeria products. That way, we don’t keep some people in far away China occupied in their factories while our youths wander about aimlessly, jobless. If we buy what we have or produce here, we keep more people gainfully employed.

I could not agree more!

I also wrote an article… please identify yourself where


A long term America Based Neontologist recently posted the following on his Facebook timeline… This struck a deep chord.

So I’m missing home and I grab my iPad to tune in and listen to one of the 5 radio stations that I know stream live from Lagos…3 of them were playing American music, one has an announcer talking with a cockney accent about UK issues and the only one that has two Nigerian men talking from Lagos are talking about soccer.. which would have been fine by me…except it was all about Ronaldo and Messi…What gives?

I vividly remember the same Ben Bruce saying that he would not play Salawa Abeni ( a Waka Musician) on his elitist radio station (Rhythm 93.7 FM). This is clearly inconsistent with the Buy Nigerian singsong from the esteemed Senator !


It is an irony that many of us who like to pride ourselves about being true sons of the soil Nigerians do very little to promote this same country and its products in most settings..

I am persuaded that most Nigerians know about the UEFA championships and the players far more than they know about our local football league, and they would know more about that Hollywood Actress than our own Nigerian local actors. It’s all about the mindset that anything Nigerian is inferior to those from Obodo Oyibo.

The same Ben Bruce would wear Oyibo apparel as a matter of course, adorning a tie and a suit in the suffocating heat I just watched a guest on a program wearing a suit and a bowtie … on a Sunday! And he was busy pontificating about the need to patronize Nigerian! Is wearing a suit and bowtie, by a Yoruba man, on a Sunday, in a relaxed setting, part of enhancing Nigerian-ness? How about him putting on a Gbariye and Sokoto with Ab’EtiAja  cap to match it up?

Look around you. The more “English”or anglicized you appear to be, the more urbane and sophisticated people consider you to be. Go to a highbrow hotel and “attack” your pounded yam and afang soup with your bare hands and most would consider your comportment inappropriate.

How about jettisoning some of these Oyibo practices and getting real? One of the salient ways of patronizing Nigeria is in encouraging a resurgence of everything native to us…in speech/language, the food we eat at luncheons and privately, the way we dress , the music we listen to, etc.

When an Igbo man meets another in Rio De Janeiro, how about speaking Igbo rather than speaking Spanish through your noises?

It is your country. No one would value it if your don’t, yourself, in palpable ways!

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