Being charismatic is an important asset that makes you stand out from the crowd. As we know, perching atop a pyramid is far more difficult than staying at the bottom because there is less space for manoeuvring at the top.

A charismatic person can charm a bird off a tree, effortlessly seduces, exerts influence with felicity and and leaves others entranced with his munificent oratory and personal force f character, his comportment, regal carriage, his temperament. He possesses an invisible energy that has visible impacts / effects.

How can you have charisma? Be more concerned about making others feel good about themselves than you are making them feel good about you.

— Dan Reiland

A powerfully charismatic person exudes an aura that neutralizes almost anybody he comes in contact with, spellbinding him, interfering with the judgment of others, giving those so gifted the ability to easily lead, mold, or manipulate.

Some people are naturally charismatic – born that way, while other people develop this by working on it.

Charisma has a strong connection to self-confidence, personality, the innermost being of self.

We often meet a person who radiates this, and we recognize this quality almost immediately. These individuals have more ‘presence’ than others.

There is no personal charm so great as the charm of a cheerful temperament.

— Henry Van Dyke

While charisma does not emanate from wealth, intelligence or beauty, those certainly help. However, being ugly, poor, etc, does not detract from the ability to develop this.

A lot of Casanovas are actually not much to look at but many females still flock to them like politicians to the corridors of power.

Wheras someone’s looks / beauty may make him exude charisma, the charm wanes over time (if it is just skin deep) and it is personality that can sustain the charismatic appeal.

Some of the following well help improve charisma:

-Work on your personality to have charisma. Humans get attracted to people who (appear to) have self confidence in oodles. (Appearing to) know what you want sends out charismatic vibes.

Diffidence and reticence do not convey that. Do not hesitate to disagree with someone, and say so, if you truly disagree. This demonstrates your values, that you are not afraid to speak out.

We often refrain from expressing ourselves when we have differing opinions, but fail to speak out so as not to appear confrontational.

We tend to admire people who move purposefully and powerfully to advance their dreams (even if some tend to make fun of them at the beginning), than the one who stays in his comfort zone.

Imagine the kind of ridicule, oppobrium and opposition Elon Musk had / has to confront in this quest to provide practical electric vehicles to the world. That’s why we find him charismatic – a man who dares all odds to achieve his objectives, is not afraid of pursuing a dream that goes against the norm.

-Charisma is about knowing how to say “NO” – with courtesy and tact. Most people find it easier to say YES than say NO, even when they really to say NO.

If you are the nice person who says YES to everything, this is repulsive. Learn to say NO when necessary. You must know what you want, and not allow people take you for granted, or turn you into a doormat.

-Take decisions swiftly once you have all the facts that would assist you do so. Be quick to volunteer to help where others pull back.. Be the one who decides for your group. Be the one who organizes. Who leads the group, without necessarily imposing your own ideas.

The world makes a way for the man who knows where he is going

-Getting used to speaking in public is crucial to improve one’s self-confidence, but also one’s social and relational proficiency. It improves your elocution. Charismatic folks are at ease with speaking in public – being the cynosure of eyes. Introversion doesn’t quite go with charisma.

-Demonstrate, rather than speak. Do not say, show.. A man is judged more by his actions than his words. Those who verbally reveal too much about them are not seen as being charismatic.

-Do not attempt to please everyone, as this is impossible
If you are looking to please everyone, then you will fall to please anyone. You will not be respected by anyone. either.

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