True Friendship Multiplies The Good In Life And Divides Its Evils. Strive To Have Friends, For Life Without Friends Is Like Life On A Desert Island. To Find One Real Friend In A Lifetime Is Good Fortune; To Keep Him Is A Blessing

So, a female friend got introspective, and posted the following on her Facebook page. It is about friendship, or the betrayal of those you consider to be friends.

As we get older, we tend to turn philosophical as we get to understand human nature more profoundly.

She just added a year to her age a week ago, so I can understand the introspection!

Here goes…

I have learnt so many lessons in life but one that stands out is on friendships. I have had good friends, bad ones, and duplicitous ones.

One thing is clear. God brings us across people so we can learn from them and also be a blessing to them.

But then, a friend of all is a friend of none. You can’t be a friend to everybody.

I learnt people are in five categories.

  • Enemies.
  • Acquaintances.
  • Observers.
  • Helpers.
  • Friends.
    The greatest mistakes I have made in life revolve around thinking some people are my friends because I have been friendly with them and value them or that I have helped them.
    The greatest betrayals I have had have been from those who I held close to my heart. It was difficult swallowing this bitter pill. Yet, in my heart, I still feel a lot of love and tenderness for these ones even though I can not be friends with them anymore. Apparently,I was only meant to bless them and be a friend for a time period.

    I have learnt you can be a friend with someone and that person does not consider you as a friend.

    You can love but not get loved in return.

    I’ve learnt I owe it to myself and to God to be honest with myself and fulfill my purpose in that person’s life without expecting any friendship in return.

    I’ve also learnt to say NO to being used in the guise of friendship.

    I no longer demand friendship from anyone not willing to give. I don’t place that burden on anyone, anymore.

    I am happier and more at peace for this decision

Apparently, there is something non exhaustive about the saying, To Have Friends, Be A Friend

A Yoruba adage says,Twenty Children Can Not Play For Twenty Years. We can take this to mean that, just as Time Heals Wounds, time also affects friendship, as we sometimes outgrow out friends, while some also outgrow us.

What is So Difficult About Being A REAL Friend?

I once asked if Platonic friendship really exists. I am now wondering if we can have TRUE Friendship That Is Totally Selfless, Without An Eye On What Can Be Benefited From The Other. I am not referring to the  acquaintanceship  we often conflate to mean friendship in these fast paced modern days.

It would appear that most people only gravitate toward people they feel they can benefit from. There are exceptions, of course, but that appears to be the case, generally.

In the olden days, we were NOT our Brother’s KILLERS (like now).

I once asked an old school mate how many real, reliable friends he has,and he said, over 250!

Obviously, this man does not understand what real friendship connotes.

Most people believe they do not have up to FIVE true friends, with the average being TWO.

This must be a lonely world! Talk about being ALONE in a world of billions of people.

So, how many REAL friends do you have… friends you can TRULY rely on, no matter the situation?

The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also to hate his friends.

…says Friedrich Nietzsche

Perhaps he is saying….

What is he saying sef??

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