It is when you are deprived of Access to your money, because something is not working right

-No Access With Access Bank?.

-No Guaranteed Mail Delivery With Guaranty Trust Bank?

-Diamond Bank Not Giving Diamond Service?


I tried using Access mobile yesterday to recharge my two lines, it failed. I got an error message that mentioned the host was unreachable.
40mins later I get two debit alert totalling 3k, and my lines were not credited.
I have sent mails to customer care and they replied early this morning that they were looking into the issue,

I await their refund.

This has happened before about a few months back I used the *901*number# while trying to recharge, i got errors multiple times and I got debited.

I complained to customer care and the issue was never resolved I lost a lot of cash, but this time I won’t accept it.

Access Bank I ain’t running a charity, refund my money back.


Don’t try to transfer to Access Bank now People can’t withdraw with Access bank ATM at the First Bank ATM gallery.

I am just coming from there


It is complaints galore.

I transferred to my GTBank using ATM machine as the First Bank app on my phone is saying connection error on both MTN and Etisalat internet

I received alert on both sides but the money is not yet in the account.

Meanwhile, the GTBank app is working well with both MTN and Etisalat connections

Another person tries to send money from First Monie Mobile App to an Access Bank Account. Money debited, But Access Bank account was not credited .

Yet another said,

There is this customer of mine. When he transfers from Diamond, it could take three days to land on my bank.

Generally the money never arrives the same day

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Yet another complained,

GTBank has a way of delaying their email alerts for my current account. You could sometimes get an email alert a week after the transaction in question.

I prefer email alerts over sms alerts.

Are alerts not supposed to be instantaneous, in case there are fraudulent activities on the account?

And the trouble I went through to open an ALAT online account offered by WEMA bank? You don’t want to know!

Somebody echoed what was going on in my mind,

There are too many things one can’t explain about this country.

We keep saying we want to push for a cashless society. But with ubiquitous issues like these, ranging from the networks to the banks themselves, is it really wise to rely so much ion internet banking.?

Are we truly ready for a cashless society? With all these hiccups?

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