Hypertension is said to be the silent killer. Apparently, we have several silent killers, including the Boko Haram people that sneak into remote hamlets in the dead of the might, and kill them in their sleep before they even have time to shout.

I have just run into the article, MOIN MOIN, The New Silent Killer of Nigerians.

While the title in that write-up is misleading (possibly to pique your interest into reading it), the content got me really worried, as I am sure my household and a lot of people would innocently have been going against the warnings given in that article.

Someone said,

We boil water to drink and pour the hot water in those custard plastic containers. Regularly. Are we endangering our lives?

The ubiquitous pure water we drink, do we know if they are stored in plastic containers, while still hot? Or, even processed in plastic containers?

I tire o!

Another retorted with incredulity,

So making tea inside plastic cup is unsafe? We have been doing this since my infancy! So ceramics are better? You keep hot food in a plastic container / “cooler” , and you could eventually die of cancer? How about those Owambe Parties where they routinely store hot soup?

Is Mouth action truly dangerous to our health, no matter how hard we try? The truth is that, if you live in the city, are we saying that there is no way to avoid having a significantly shortened lifespan due to factors beyond our control?

In one of the electric kettles used to boil water, the manual says you should pour the hot water away from the kettle, and not be in the habit of leaving the boiled water in the kettle.

I just wonder about all the pure water we drink, and how they are processed. Apparently, we have been killing ourselves softly.

They would then tell you those aluminum pots also melt with heat. What do we do? And don’t we all still cook with aluminum pots now?

Someone says mischievously,

This is an era of change. Change to Ìkòkò (clay pots) and aha (local cups used by palm wine sellers).

The challenge is that I don’t know how the Ìkòkò will balance on my electric stove…an engineering problem, to be sure. My induction stove will be completely useless too.

I sense a business opportunity here.. start manufacturing flat base Ìkòkò pots. By the way, why do all ìkòkò pots have rounded bottoms like women own? May be because they are mostly used by women?

These things, if true.. I now know why the average city dweller doesn’t live long.

Are we doomed? What lifestyle changes can we realistically adopt to prevent all these heath related issues, especially the city dwellers ?


  1. WillyWest
    May 5, 2016 at 10:41 am

    So many warnings out there about not taking this or that, don’t eat red meat, don’t eat noodles, don’t drink coca cola, don’t eat junk food and the list goes on. Frankly I am coming up with my own conspiracy theory that food and life on earth has been designed to kill us eventually. The choice of what we eat or the life style we choose just determines how fast we get to die.

    Heck!!!! Try not to over indulge but at least enjoy your life.

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