One of the holy books says,

If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.

Are we to take this literally? Can faith move any and every kind of mountain? Can faith alone sufficiently address serious medical issues?


There was recently a conversation about the role of the curative powers of faith, as against conventional / traditional medicine.

Let me state upfront. I have no doubt that there is power in faith.. miracles happen. Even the Doctors would tell you that they care, but nature cures. Beyond that, however, do science and religion have to be parallel lines? Are the two not supposed to play complementary roles?

Check this out:

Somebody says:

What a bunch of ingrates, I just saw a video showing a bunch of Muslims refusing food packs because those foods have Red Cross mark on them symbolizing Christianity.

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And somebody answers:

It’s similar to people refusing to take medication for religious reasons.

I know someone whose pregnant wife needed surgery during child birth. They opted to carry her to church instead, for prayers. They lost the baby. The woman has not been able to carry a pregnancy successfully for eleven years.

The level of stupidity engendered by too much religiosity is appalling.

Another quips:

It’s even worse in my village, Prayer house or centre is now everything to them. There is a church where they charge N5k or so for Holy Water. A small bottle. I don’t get that! That holy water is supposed to cure any form of ailment and ward off all manners evil (spirits).

They go everywhere with the bottled water claiming it solves everything.

A childhood friend (a lady) actually died while giving birth to twins four years ago in a church


Then the one who believes that faith can move any mountain and that the hospital is secondary (after faith healing) in addressing bodily impairments counters with:

An aunt of mine once needed operation to deliver a baby, she was taken to the hospital and after the operation, we lost both mother and child.

Mind you, we placed faith in the hospital and doctors but it still failed us.

There’s still the possibility that if we had insisted in trusting God, she would’ve made it

Like I said miracles happen. There is what is called mind over matter, stressing that your faith can actually cure you.. in certain circumstances.


During pregnancy, if a woman’s hips are discovered to be narrow, if a natural birth is impossible, pray all you want, have faith as strong as anything, the baby would likely come out impaired, or worse, brain dead. You would clearly be risking the life of the mother too.

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I believe in going to hospital, then praying to God to guide whichever doctor is in charge.

The faith healing crew believes and insists that If the Lord doesn’t guard the city, the guards are watching .. for nothing vain. So they advise that we don’t hope in doctors at all.

They insist, we still risk doctors even though we erroneously think there’s no risks with doctors.

Another person states as follows.:

I know a man.. His mom used to watch plenty of TB Joshua.. The Mom then took ill.. very serious illness..

The mom fervently demanded, insist, that she should be taken to The Synagogue – for faith healing – rather than a hospital.

The matter was serious o. The man eventually capitulated and brought her to Lagos. They spent like three weeks.. trying to book an appointment .. they still couldn’t meet the Faith Healer..they then came back home. Like two weeks after, the mom died

My final submission on this issue:

Faith is good. But stupidity is inexcusabe. Medicine first, then prayer and faith could go along with it.

It is sheer stupidity to first carry a sick person to church instead of hospital, especially when the situation is critical and needs urgent medical intervention.

Supposing someone has had a motor accident, needs urgent blood infusion, would we summon the prayer warriors, or get the accident victim to a competent doctor, speedily?

Faith works miracles all right. But I would rather go to the “body mechanic” than cast my hope on nebulous faith that may / may not save the situation. Body mechanics are trained to mend bodies.

When we don’t avail ourselves of those when our body needs mending, I think we are carrying religion to a ridiculous extreme

Your views?

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