There is the news report that Telegram Instant Messenger Has Bumped Supergroup Limit to Accommodate 100, 000 Members.

Now, this is impressive, and should ginger Whatsapp into doing something about their paltry group member limit.

However, people don’t seem to be much impressed, so far despite the unending features Telegram keeps piling on ( Whatsapp Hits 1.5 Billion Monthly Users. ) .

In a Telegram Supergroup, new members can read messages that were posted before they joined the group. That means there is no fear that you have missed out on what happened before you came on the scene.

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram also gives the Admin greater control such as the option to ban members and also partially restrict them from sharing stickers or even media files, among other things..

Prior to this latest Telegram update, the maximum number of users a telegram supergroup catered for was 1,000 then got increased to 5,000 in 2016, and further to 10,000 in 2017.

Now we have 100,000!

With Group facilities on Instant Messenger (IMs) like Whatsapp, Telegram and the rest, many people appear to prefer this to visiting conventional blogs.

This possible threat to blogs occurred to me long ago, but the group members being expanded to 100K brought back that thought..

What of Telegram or even WhatsApp expands the group limit far further, or even makes it limitless?

The following short conversation ensued between a long-term blog owner, and a consistent visitor to that blog.

Could this trend of IMs accommodating 100K be posing serious threat to blogs? Do you know for instance that many long-term visitors of your blog have stopped visiting because they find IMs more interactive and engaging?

Would you consider supporting your blog with a Telegram SuoerGrouo of 100K, or ultimately replacing the blog itself, saving you hosting fees.


I belong to a group with 132 members and wake up to find over 700 messages waiting for me. I promptly close it. How am I supposed to keep up with a group that has 100k members?

Abegi, I am okay. Everybody will be okay.

Same situation with a blog. What if you have thousands of comments on a blog post? Don’t you just read whatever you can and leave the rest? You read some, you leave some. Same thing.

Besides, a 100K member strong group doesn’t necessarily mean all of them would be active (simultaneously) . In most groups, only a small percentage is active!, with the majority remaining silent observers

I don’t think it is the same thing. The blog post itself stands out and gets read on a blog.

You can also pin posts in Telegram.

As Admin, whatever you wish stands out and gets read too. Just like on your blog.

In a group, you may not even get to see the original message that everybody is responding to.

No sir.. you reference a specific post, the Whatsapp way.

When a post gets pinned, how does it make it easy for me to see it?

It is in your face. Right at the top of the page, prominently.

What if four posts need to be pinned?

Bro, I am beginning to think you are being negative about this. Thrashing about to throw up reasons this can’t work I think you should adopt a more open mind on this though.

You don’t pin four articles on a blog customarily, or do you?.

Take a deep look at Telegram, brother. It even supports bots, allowing you to do nifty things.

Start a Telegram Group.
You can publish as always, pin whatever. Moderate comments more easily.

You can control, enforce rules. . Readers interact with you and among themselves more easily, real-time.

Bots allow you do nifty things.

Question :

How is a blog superior.. apart from the membership limit?

Can’t think of anything else.

Does it allow for monetisation e.g. via ads? I can monetise a blog in many ways that this IM can’t handle.

How about: Monetisation. Target audience. Greater functionality such as plugins,etc.

Granted, some of those your points. However, modern trend seems to be, having the blog for static content, and a Whatsapp / Telegram Group for more dynamic interaction..

I particularly urge you to take a look at the BOTS facility. The restrictions may not be as great as you anticipate.

    Could the future of blogs be numbered as more and more people glue to catchment groups? I think, for the readers, the IM appears to be their preferred option because of enhanced and more instantaneous interactivity.

    For the current blog owners, monetization restrictions would he the greatest disincentive .

    But with continued expansion to IM facilities, the future of blogging may just be IM, just like IM basically killed SMS/MMS.

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