Bye-bye Laptop – Welcome Android Tablets & Phones

I have been unable to let go of my laptop simply because of one singular function which I felt, until last week, that my smartphone could not perform. The fact is my phone has gradually been replacing my use of the cheap gaming laptop over the years. Android has been that good. The android tablets in the range of 7 to 8 inch sizes have largely taken over the functions we used to reserve for the laptops. And portability of these devices have seen to it that we shift and lean towards them rather than the laptops. Multimedia viewing and presentation are no longer problems. The tablets handle those with ease. Documents like Words, Excel, and PowerPoint are now created and viewed easily on the tablets. I could even connect my android to my Canon Selphy Photo printer via shared WiFi and print pictures directly from my phone or tablet. However, ability to print documents, emails and attachments directly from the smartphones and tablets have till last week made it impossible for me to ditch the laptop. Thankfully, that has changed.


Necessity they say, is the mother of inventions. Last week, I had to print out some urgent email attachments, receipts of payments, etc. But my laptop was at home and I was in a different location. All the needed documents were in my smartphone. In the office with me was a cheap HP Printer. My smartphone has USB-on-the-go (OTG) capability. In my frustration, I started searching and by sheer luck, I discovered HP Printer Services Plugin for androids in the Play Store. Installing this on my phone, I was able to connect the printer and my smartphone using the OTG cable. The printer was instantly recognized and within 10 minutes I got all my documents printed. No laptop needed. It was my sweetest experience on an android phone.


So, do I need a laptop anymore? I don’t think so. Limited screen size issue? Not anymore with android tablets of various sizes. I will simply choose the right size for me. What of the need for pointing devices like a mouse? The USB OTG takes care of that just as the need for physical keyboard is met using a portable or even foldable Bluetooth keyboard. And you can get all these functionalities for less than a quarter the price of a laptop. What more could anyone possibly ask for?


I have decided to dispose of my laptop and concentrate on maximizing the use of my android phone and tablet. The storage space I might miss is not so much an issue since I have my external hard disc drive that connects to my androids via USB OTG cable.


My next post will show step by step how to print documents directly from your smartphones or tablets.

3 comments for “Bye-bye Laptop – Welcome Android Tablets & Phones

  1. Eye_bee_kay
    December 20, 2015 at 7:02 pm

    I went through this same steps some seven months ago, and arrived at the same conclusion that a laptop is not necessary for me anymore.

    I sold my laptop.

    About a few weeks later, I realized that I need that.laptop, even though infrequently,and had to buy another one to replace the sold one.

    Yes,I could also print from my smartphone and tablet, but some tasks could simply not be handled adequately without a laptop. They are not many, but they exist..

    I would advise you hold on a bit to be very sure if a tablet would truly be able to do ALL you need to do.. I will bet you will find you need that laptop, if occasionally..

  2. Eye_bee_kay
    December 20, 2015 at 7:06 pm

    I just came across my account of how I sold off my laptop..

    So, I finally took the plunge.

    I sold off my laptop, after wondering how feasible it is to still stay productive, without a laptop.

    What precipitated the ditching of the laptop is the sudden realization that the laptop is mostly gathering dust, with some of the kids in the household having turned it into a “game center”.

    With two Android tablets also available to them, the laptop was turned into a glorified powerbank.

    Having purchased a 20,000mAh powerbank, the laptop was recently seeing even less use.

    A monumental waste of resources which goes again the grain of my “doctrine of parsimony” .!

    So, the laptop was sold off, the tablet gets used more. And of course my six-inch Tecno Phantom A III gets used even much more.

    Not being into high caliber games or desktop graphics design, I felt the smartphone / tablet, along with a WiFi capable printer should suffice for my needs.

    So, an HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2545 was purchased. For the princely sum of N14,500. Heard the black plus color cartridges collective sell for N4,500, and are readily available in the market. A 3-in-1 that can scan , photocopy, and most importantly, directly receive print jobs from my Tecno Phantom A III SmartPhone, without any need for an intermediate computer.

    With the help of the PrintShare android app, available for free on the Google Play Store, printing is a breeze.

    From a file manager, or directly from an Office App (my favorite is WPS Office), printing out well formated documents is a matter of “point and kill”, sorry, “point and click”.

    Perhaps we will one day, in future, see mobile phones (smart phones and Tablets) totally replace desktop/laptop computers?

    For me, that future is here.

    I can create documents of any sort and print them out on the wireless printer, with no need for a computer.

    There are DTP apps for mobile devices already rearing their heads and multi core devices are providing the processing power to do more and be more.

    Samsung only recently Began production of 8 Gb RAM Chips

    Such advances only translate into increased feasibility of mobile devices taking the place of traditional computers. Totally. Eventually

    If you are not into intense “page laying out” graphics, heavy duty programming, or top heavy gaming, perhaps you need to reassess your assumption that you still need a laptop.

    Using USB-OTG capable devices, smart phones can connect to lots of other peripheral devices to enhance their utility.

    Connect your device wirelessly or via USB to larger display units and use full sized wired / wireless keyboards and even external storages to supercharge your mobile device.

    And then, maybe, just maybe, “netbook, notebook, laptop and desktop’.. can all disappear from our lexicon.

  3. December 21, 2015 at 8:23 pm

    EyeBeeKay, the article written above targets those who use their laptops for emails, document viewing and editing, and moderate multimedia purposes. I am well aware of the power users and heavy gamers that require high graphics and powerful 3D acceleration software and hardware. Such category of people could never replace their desktop computers with even laptops talk less of with mobile phones.

    Yes, mobiles may not replace laptops completely, but they are sure giving them a run for their money.

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