He who swallows a complete coconut has absolute trust in his anus

Do We
Have Any Other Animals, Apart From Humans (Or Primates), That Engage In Anal Sex.?

Seems so.

The trigger for this post happened when somebody mentioned a newly released smart-phone from a particular brand, and someone derogatorily retorted,

I don’t touch shit

And someone, a lover of that brand, swiftly retorted,

But You Wouldn’t Mind Touching Shit If Located In A Woman’s Anal Cleft.

Although a minority – only 3% of men and women say they often practice it, according to a report on sexuality, sodomy is a common fantasy with men.

The anus being particularly contractile, it encloses the penis much more closely than does the vagina which, on the contrary, expands during sexual arousal. Therefore the men tend to enjoy the tightness more, and the more adventurous one fall for the added thrill. The variety also brings extra spice to the sexual act for some.

With a consenting woman, the anus being an area particularly rich in nerves, the sensation of pleasure is also real, especially if the clitoris is simultaneously stimulated during penetration.

Many women are reluctant to submit to this different kind of penetration and are afraid of the possible pain.

Unlike the vagina, the anus does not secrete naturally lubricating substances, which makes penetration more difficult or even painful if no artificial lubricant based on water or silicone is used (Vaseline is not recommended, as it may render the condom porous). In addition, the anal sphincter is a muscle in a state of permanent tone.

Any penetration without preparation will therefore result in a reflex contraction of defense, which can lead to micro-cuts and bleeding.

In this wet region where faeces stagnate, it is a cesspool of infections and any injury there takes a long time to heal.

Anal sex can only take place in context of mutual consent. It must also be accompanied by a lot of ample lubrication, gentleness, without any use of force.

Recommended positions are doggy style, on the belly or on the side, because these facilitate anal coitus and allow to stimulate the clitoris.

For hygiene reasons, ample cleansing and ‘decongestion’ of the anal area is important. Since it is not as elastic as the vagina, it is important to relax the anus with caresses and the introduction of a finger.

Because the rectal mucosa is particularly fragile and susceptible to viruses and bacteria, there is a high risk of transmission of sexually transmitted infections. In transient relations, the use of a condom is therefore highly recommended.

Avoid going from anal penetration to vaginal penetration without first undergoing thorough clean-up. Indeed, the transfer of the bacteria present in the colon can cause infections varying from cystitis, vaginitis to colibacilli.

It must be noted that the anus is lined with a venous trellis on which rests the weight of the abdomen and the organs that it contains. Therefore susceptibility to hemorrhoids is heightened, as recipient of anal intercourse, especially if vigorous.

Also using big objects for penetration will certainly cause grave medical issues . Long term problems include anal incontinence, not unlike VesicoVaginal Fistula

Conclusively, if sodomy is today less and less a taboo subject and sexually attractive for some, it remains a practice you go into with total knowledge, and a readiness for the possible physical short term and long term consequences​ !

Do you think the quest for thrill or sexual variety is enough to go into sexually risky maneuvers like anal intercourse, fellatio, fisting or cunnilingus?

For the religious ones, do you consider these ‘unnatural’ acts sinful?

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