Bucket list.

It’s time to begin the countdown to a fresh year. Funny how it feels like just a couple of months ago when 2013 ended. I mean, where did the time go? How many of us remember what our resolutions were? How many fulfilled theirs?
I must say that some of the resolutions i heard in January were just preposterous . From vowing not to drink garri, to a covenant of chastity, everyone usually has big plans for the new year. Let’s pause and consider achievements of the present year though. Did you do all you set out to accomplish?
Personally, instead of going on about new year resolutions that never see the light of February, I prefer to ask- “what’s the weirdest thing on your bucket list?” Yup! You know, that one thing that you absolutely gotta do in your lifetime. Tell me a secret and I’ll tell you one *winks*

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