Here is the bold statement:

The first thing we need to do is to defeat our fears that it cannot be done – Prof. Moghalu, 2019 Nigerian Presidential Aspirant

Prof is a former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank Nigeria. With Nigeria in dire need of competent young professionals to pilot the ship of state, this Aspirant, like the Sowores and Durotoyes of this world would probably be a breath of fresh air, compared to the leaders we have been having in the past.

I am greatly impressed by that statement by the Professor. That statement would resonate with anyone who has ever attempted “something bigger than him”.

But, alas.

And it begins. Testing the waters, I cynically responded,

I need to read up. I don’t even know who this guy is.

How would someone in Damaturu or Suleja or Okiti Pupa know him, and vote him? Can we get a bit serious, here?


This was the impassioned response elicited,

Bros. that is the mindset with which we have locked down ourselves for years.

They say, when there is the will, there is a way. But, errrr, really?

I said,

Didn’t they say politics is a game of numbers? How exaxtly would this Prof garner the numbers (spread across the country, mind you) to graduate from the present staus of a Joker?

This seemed to miff the man with the Can-Do attitude.

He says,

We complain mediocres are in power and enlightened minds are jokers when they show interest in elective positions.

The north appears to have the number because majority of us in the south play elites when it comes to election.

I read on Twitter this morning the huge number of people that voted in BBNaija, nobody can tell me majority of them are from Suleja and Damaturu.

Here is a tweet someone posted, regarding the statistics. :

#BBNaija recorded 170 million votes this season (85 days/ 3months). Each vote cost ₦30. Nigerians expended the sum of ₦ 5.1 billion on the show. Great! Can’t we also crowd fund Political campaigns/candidates?

I believe to challenge the status quo their is a large reservoir of people who don’t participate in the elections which he can target.

But then, this guy forgets that a candidate not only has to have the numbers, but that number must also be spread all over the country to have meaning.

It is the same crucial factor that made Donald Trump of USA defeat Hilary, despite Hilary Clinton trumping Trump on numbers .

He is not deterred,  He continues,

Our greatest obstacle to political emancipation is the feeling of helplessness – the politicians have concluded who they want and their is nothing we can do. Unfortunately everyone of us would at the end of the day face the consequences.

Let him try first. President Muhammad Buhari didn’t win the Presidency on first attempt

I emphasized the reality of our helplessness by finally submitting as follows,

Hmmmm. Realities, though, realities. If only things are the way they SHOULD BE, and not the way THEY ARE.

The role of money in politics is another obstacle to new young contestants.  You need to have like Three Billion to prosecute an electoral campaign. You must also be sure you won’t jump into the Atlantic Ocean if you end up losing your money and the election.

Tell me where the clean person who managed to have that kind of money would put such suns into the uncertain waters of politics.

The implication? Only the moneybags can attempt this. You may then ask how someone who can gamble three Billion made his money in this same Nigeria. 

So, how would a vibrant young clean person ever attain the top leadership position in Nigeria? Perhaps when we have Independent Candidacy and funds are crowd_sourced? I am not holding my breath on this!

I confess we have an intractable problem!

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