Book More Faces On Your FaceBook Page

There are over 42 million Facebook Pages active, so, if you want your page to have an impact you will need to build your “followership” actively.

You are literally like a pin in a haystack, or if you prefer, a drop in an ocean.

Facebook is perpetually evolving, giving us reasons to either love or hate it. But there is no denying its power and reach. Remember Cambridge Analytica. ?

You are competing with millions of other Facebook Pages also desirous of populating their fans base. And of course people already suffer information overload, so you must give them good reasons to bite.

Let’s have a look at some ways to make your Facebook posts so powerful that your fan base keeps expanding.

(1) Enhance your Visibility Quotient.

You are writing a Facebook Post for people, and if they aren’t on your list, your posts – no matter how captivating – would be like winking in the dark – without the audience. Only you would know what you are posting! A meaningless soliloquy.

Reach out. Use a tool to invite all your phone contacts by email. Send a personalized message directly to your friends that are likely to join Facebook, and subsequently, your Facebook Page.

(2) Content is King.

Give your fans good contents to chew upon. No matter what else you do, crappy content won’t attract repeat visitors to your Page. Make your contents captivating.

Once people get attracted due to the quality of your contents, they are likely to stay with you. Humans are like rats.. Creatures of habit. They would keep following the same path unless there is a coherent reason to deviate.

(3) Offer freebies

Like handing out candy to a child, everybody loves a good thing, especially when it costs them nothing. And that would make them to be more positively disposed to visiting your Page.

(4) Make your fans feel special

Ask them what types of content and gifts they would like to receive. Engage them.. Perpetually look for ways to go beyond published contents and promotions. If you give your fans a good sense of belonging, they will likely reciprocate, and help you build a community and develop your page value further.

(5) Be Easy to reach.

Place a link in your “About” Section.
You are building a brand, and you need high visibility. You are the face of that brand.

Include all your social media handles and other details. Make it easy for people to reach you with just a click. Ensure these links are at vantage points that don’t need digging to discover / ferret out.

(6) Give people an incentive, and they would eat from your palms.

Offer a Reward to visitors to Like Your Page. Depending on what your page is about, offer gifts to everyone who visits your page, and by doing so more people will be inclined to click “like” and join the chorus.

The more valuable your gift is, the more people will like your page. And the propagation proliferates!

For example, two people set a Telegram Group. One of them had close to two teams thousand members in a few weeks whole the other was hardly able to accumulate thirty members! The difference? One group deal with offering information to browse free, while the other was just a legitimate technology site with no particular freebies offered.

(Hard to get) e-books are particularly great for attracting and retaining repeat visits from fans.

(7) Know your customers cold

The more you know your audience (fans), the better you will be able to correctly target your content and obtain sterling results.

Visit to have access to data from pages you manage. Click “Statistics” in your Admin Panel of your Facebook Page to have access to your data demographic.

Click on the tab “People”.

Knowing the age, residence, sex and other information makes it easier to better tailor your posts, and the determine the right contents to serve your page visitors .

Google makes most of its revenue by serving people adverts. The adverts would not be that relevant without having information about the people receiving those adverts.

Do the same. Know your people.

When people are targeted with what matters to them or what is relevant, they are likely to stay on.

You can use the Facebook Audience Optimization tool to better target your audience.

Still talking arrowhead-targeting, make use of Facebook Insights to discover which times / days your audience is most engaged and capitalize on them. The posting frequency / regularity is also important, as you want to sustain your momentum, and show predictability.

(8) Publish native Facebook videos.

Vlogs (video blogs) are getting more popular. Humans just love videos. Make use of professionally produced high-quality Facebook videos and watch your audience_count balloon.

(9) Visibility was eadlier mentioned above.

Obviously you want as many people as possible to view your posts. So, share links to the posts of all your Facebook Page on your Facebook Profile, and all your social media handles as well.

Tools to do this are abundant online.
I accidentally encountered he website that introduced me to the world of mobile phones and mobile apps on one of the social media platforms.. . I have been fascinated by that website and hooked, ever since. .

There you have them. A few tips to cultivate, attract, retain and keep expanding your fan base on Facebook

[This is very applicable to blogs too.]

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