There is the necessity to go tough on inexplicable or unexplainable (sudden) wealth. Religious bodies,  neighbors,  etc , should be encouraged to report people that fool means of livelihood or suspected to be living above their means.

Anybody suspected to be living above his means/earnings must be made to explain to Financial Crimes Agencies the source of income

So says this zealot with a passion for the betterment of the country.

I believe there is an extent directive to banks and Financial Crimes Agency that deposits above certain limits for both companies and corporate bodies must be reported on a regular basis. There is supposed to be a formalized regular report for that.

Whether this is being followed through is a different matter entirely

If a bank account that never had a deposit of more than a few hundreds of thousands of Naira suddenly has the lodgement of several hundreds of million then the account will be flagged immediately and the EFCC notified.

Example would be ransom money collected by kidnappers.

But should we really wait for neighbours and family members to voluntarily report questionable wealth?

We live in an African setting.Would questionable wealth attributable to money rituals or such occult means be subject to this sort of investigation? What is the role of legality as regards magical-, or occult- or juju- related things like witchcraft – by the way?

Perhaps we should all be compelled to report characters who are suspected to be living above their means and be held accountable if we abdicate our responsibility to do so to?. After all there are countries where a spouse can report if s/he suspects some spousal involvement in shady activities.

On the other hand, making this reporting voluntary rather than mandatory may replicate the failure we have encountered in expecting information from the population in the fight against Boko Haram.

As long as just the staff of agencies are mandated to monitor corruption or prosecute offenders, we may not make much progres because many of the staff in these agencies aren’t saints themselves and are routinely  involved in messy deals.They themselves need policing by the larger populace.

Apparently,  everybody has to involved if we want to get this right.

Ordinarily, it will be utopian to expect anybody to leave his busy schedule and be monitoring somebody else. We have our lives to live. But, we need help from all stakeholders for a more rounded solution.

We need to report individuals in the neighbourhood that we believe are living above their means. Many of these people are easy to identify.

By focusing on the visible proceeds of crime it is easy to establish something shady when the proceed is totally out of proportion with reasonable income.

Laws should be enacted to make it compulsory for all of us to do so, and punishment attached for failure to comply.This is what is done in societies that have reduced corruption to the barest minimum. We must not be deluded into thinking government alone can do this for us (alone).. 

We have to make conscientious effort to kill this corruption monster. The fight is a collective one, everyone has to be involved to achieve the goal. we have as much responsibility as government here – in terms of societal acceptance of wealth even when it cannot be explained away, or it is obvious it was illegally amassed.

In recent times in the wake of the unending Bandit Attack and (mass) kidnappings, there has been repeated call for Community Policing. This cannot work without the locals and localities getting involved – either mandatorily or voluntarily. The same way people with questionable sources of income cannot easily be apprehended by Law agencies unless they are aware

The way to make them aware is if the people close to them that observe their activities ‘blow whistles’ on them.

A carrot-and-stick approach may be the best approach in encouraging people to blow the whistle (similar to the Whistle Blower Policy of the government where suspected corrupt government officials are clandestinely reported). If you know there is something in it for you for reporting a shady character you may be more inclined to perform your Civic Duty. This will be in addition to your vicarious liability of someone close to you being carpeted for financial malfeasance.

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