There is this feature on some modern smart-phone, where you can double tap the screen to wake the phone up (if asleep), and lock the screen the same way.

A very convenient feature as it saves and preserves the power button which you would otherwise repeatedly need to accomplish the locking / unlocking.

Have a look at A Man Of Zero Parts for a discussion on hardware key preservation.

I used to turn the screen face down, and the screen wakes up, using AutomaGic for Android .

Not sure which would use more power.. the double tap, or using the accelerometer waking up the screen

Someone asserted:

I just think double-tapping is more convenient and faster.

Not if you just finished a plate of Amala, haven’t washed your hand,and would love to take a peek at your smart-phone screen…

I’ve been using the fork ever since my university days. I am totally used to it, and can’t imagine using my bare fingers to eat anything now. Feels less messy and more natural now. More hygienic too..

zuckerberg amalaGoogle,and you would find numerous articles extolling the virtues of eating with bare hands.

Well, there’s always an argument in support of whatever side you take on an argument. I can bet you would find numerous articles supporting eating with cutleries too, on googling

I guess it is the same reason many religions direct you not to wear footwear when coming to worship. The need to be in touch with nature. The Chinese and Indians are advanced where nature is concerned. It is why they typically live a long, relatively disease free life. You hardly find them eating with cutleries like the Occidentals, even the educated and monied .

Well, the Northerners who like to eat with bare fingers are not any healthier than we down here in the southern part who tend. to eat with cutleries . And Africans generally don’t live longer or healthier than the Europeans and Americans

Surely you know many factors contribute to health, not just eating with bare hands?

Exactly. Now you are getting it. Health benefits is not a matter of using the fingers or cutlery but rather the hygienic condition of either your hand or the cutlery.

eating with handOkay. Personally, I eat with bare hands in my house for traditional food. More satisfying. Regarding aiding digestion, some of the things that aid this is the aroma of the food, and the feel of the food

It also is advised you don’t do anything else while eating. Why peek at a smart-phone while eating, instead of concentrating on savoring? Being psychologically satisfied when eating would sure ease digestion, too.

Well, I am not aware of all these your psychological aspects of ingesting food. The purpose is to get the food into the mouth, right? Does it matter how you do that, as long as. it gets done?

The fact that an adrenaline flow on permanent redline would eventually cause you Heart problems doesn’t obviate that fact, whether you know it, or not.

What you don’t know can hurt you!

By not knowing, it means I’m more comfortable psychologically with cutleries than with bare hands. We are talking what aids digestion which you already submitted includes the psychological comfort derived from it. Unfortunately, I don’t feel good eating with my bare hands and I’m very much at home with cutleries which aids my digestion.

You just need a mindshift. Unlearn this bad habit, my friend.

Naaa. I guess YOU need to unlearn your psychological attachment to eating with bare hands and the misplaced supposed benefits associated with the barbaric art.

Mister man, were you born with cutleries in your hands.? You unlearned using your natural fingers. Now, learn it back.

En, you also came to this world naked, now remove those shirts and pants na!

You will also exit naked.



So, do you prefer eating amala, eba, etc, with cutleries, or you adopt the oyinbo way of eating everything with your bare hands.

Are You In Touch With Nature?

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