Here is another religious rant. Hopefully this would not be the last!

The Lord is said to hear in silence (secret, quietness).

But When You Pray, Go Into Your Room, Close The Door And Pray To Your Father, Who Is Unseen. Then Your Father, Who Sees What Is Done In Secret, Will Reward You.


Jehovah’s Hand Is Not Shortened, That It Cannot Save; Neither His Ear Heavy, That It Cannot Hear:

God hears in silence. It is not out of place to assume he also has Superman Vision, and can “see” equally all the time, both when the sun is shining and in pitch darkness.

We had a post here, Worship Can Be Dangerous To Your Health! . What we omitted to prominently mention, then, was the possible effects of Night Vigils by (mostly) Christians on marital and personal wellbeing.

The question we should ask yourself is, what is the source of Night Vigils?. First, could it be that we imagine God would hear us better at night? (what’s the relationship between hearing and sight?). Is there anywhere in the scripture where is it stated that praying at night is more effective than during daytime ?. Why is it that people gathering at night in the name of Night Vigils (and making spectacles of themselves by disturbing neighbors) in the name of worship, is so common? If we want to point to reduced distraction, is it not a fact that the same level of noise produced in the Worship Enclave made during the day is what we have at night ?

I understand even our Muslim brothers and sisters don’t want to be outdone and also conduct Night Vigils too, now. The lemming factor?

The Average Man Is A Conformist, Accepting Miseries And Disasters With The Stoicism Of A Cow Standing In The Rain. ~Colin Wilson

There have been instances of housewives who use the excuse of going for Night Vigils to philander, husbands using the opportunity to sneak into the girlfriend’s house for a night of immorality and supposed “Pastors” having unfettered sensual access to willing congregants. The disagreements and acrimonious confrontations that happen in some households can also not be discounted. I remember a friend (a former Pastor) had a serious quarrel with his wife because his wife flouted his directive that she should not be taking the children (one, three years old) to Night Vigils. He locked the wife and children out on their return and neighbors had to intervene!

We live in increasingly dangerous times with stories of Boko Haram rampaging, kidnappings, robberies, rapes being commonplace. Why make the work of the security operatives more difficult by making ourselves easy target for nocturnal elements like armed robbers and terrorists ? Why needlessly expose our lives to avoidable danger all in the name of worship?.

Don’t Think You’re On The Right Road Just Because It’s A Well-beaten Path . ~ Alan Sherman

If a married woman gets raped while coming from a Night Vigil that the husband is opposed to attending with her, would/she have the temerity to tell the husband what happened? And if she happens to get pregnant from the encounter, would that not be enough to damage the relationship?

You drive a swanky car, you are coming back from a Night Out at Worship Center. Then you get attached by the Night Owls and the car gets snatched from you. What then?

If I was an armed robber, all I need do to keep hitting jackpot is wait until around month end (when churches usually have Night Vigils), select a High Octane Church ), and strike. Tablets, smartphones, wristwatches, laptops, jewelries and “free meat”.. all for the taking! Night travel of luxurious buses to (mostly) the Eastern part of the country is discouraged just because any activity is generally safer at daytime than nighttime.
Of course people also go to Night Clubs to observe their own “night vigil”. The dangers highlighted here also apply to them. The question is if we are not being foolish exposing ourselves willfully to danger and making ourselves sitting ducks, all in the name of worship.

I think the Pastors who endanger the lives of their flock by organizing Night Vigils should be ashamed of themselves. Is it not said that Heaven Helps Those Who Help Themselves?

For Where Two Or Three Are Gathered In My Name, There Am I Among Them.

It is doubtful whether we really have to travel kilometers to commune with God, or crisscross about in darkness to achieve harmony with the celestial. The Community Of God Is Right In Every Man’s Heart.

Perhaps because, The Darker The Night, The Brighter The Stars, The Deeper The Grief, The Closer Is God, we need the nighttime to communicate better with the Creator?

Somebody please shed some light

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