Now, I am not referring to a wooden spoon.

I recently ran across this saying…

diligentia maximum etiam mediocris ingeni subsidium

Diligence is a very great help even to a mediocre intelligence

This struck a deep chord in me, and a brief conversation then ensued as to which is more important in ensuring significant success in any endeavour talent or hardwork? .

One ‘combatant, was trying to uphold the Thomas Edison quote that , Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration…. while the other was trying to prove the opposite.The following is some snippet of the conversation.. :

The hardwork proponent had the following to say.:

Talent is overrated. Talent and hard work are both important. But hard work is indispensable. Even if you have talent. With a generous dose of good fortune

But talent is not indispensable, that’s what I’m saying. It’s a good extra but it’s not a sine qua non. Talent just makes you catch on with that skill faster, with or without training and many believe everyone is talented in at least one thing.

If you are diligent towards something, you’ll become very successful at it eventually. Talent may help fastrack achievement, but in the end it will become a case of someone riding a bicycle and another taking a car. They both get at their destination with different speeds

They keep at it consistently enough eventually they will be great at it

I can pick up visual arts today and start studying it and within a few years I’ll be a proficient artist. I could say the same about music, study something and practise often enough and you become good at it. That’s halfway to success

Talent in what you’re going for is just a bonus. You’ll catch things faster than the average person

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The one who thinks talent is the bedrock of great success had the following to say:

Ocassionally hard work and diligence beat talent, yes. But, generally, No.

In the technology world, talent is all there is. Perspiration went out the window many decades ago. This is the technological age where how hard you work is not as important as the tools you use and how you use them (your talent being an inalienable and inseparable integral part of that.)

How did Bill Gates get rich? Was it because he worked hard, or because he first had talent, then worked hard to be an outstanding and astounding success? Hard work, eh? No. Talent is like the foundation.

Hard work only takes you so far. But no further. Talent. It is the ONLY factor for non run of the mill success. Talent.

Everybody can work hard. Not everyone got talent. That’s the difference. Some men are simply born great. It’s not about hard work, most times .

I have lectured programming and know for a fact some people would never be good at it. Talented programmers are simply born.

You would never be a good artist at the level of the masters if you don’t first have talent. Work at it all you like.

You have to build on a FOUNDATION – talent. Can you build something on NOTHING? Hard work is the building on the foundation (talent).

No foundation. Failure.


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And thus, the conversation ended.

You can have a look at some other points of view below.

Which is more important, talent or hardwork?

WHAT is YOUR take?

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