Someone with a usually sound grasp of issues posts on Facebook,

There You Have It, Folks. His True Nature Revealed!

We Voted For GMB And Got PMB.

Someone who believes in the personal integrity of the President responds,

Someone famous for the 97% / 5% statement concerning the South East people who didn’t vote for him, who publicly corroborated the fantastically corrupt statement by the former UK Prone Minister, etc, is a pretender?

is BLUNTNESS then associated with PRETENSE?

I guess it is a matter of where you choose to focus on, and I would certainly use a different adjective to describe the President

To elucidate his point, this poster says further,

The point is that we thought we were voting for a no-nonsense General who will fight corruption to a standstill.

It’s painfully disappointing to discover that he was pretending all the while.
Now we have a Coverer-in-Chief.

He shielded his men (Buratai and Danbazzau) in DasukiGate, no word on the GrassCutter allegation, and the NIA cash discovery.

No wonder the President once said Late Sanni Abacha was not corrupt.

He’s shaping out to be truly fantastically corrupt.

Of course it is natural for people to feel disappointed seeing so many Treasury Looters walking free, and anti corruption mantra of the present administration looking like a paper tiger. There is even a sitting Governor who received a Billion Naira from the Dasuki Father Christmas largesse, vying to be President of the country, and getting a nod from his party.

That same party has somebody vying to be National Chairman who was sent to prison for corruption. That’s how decadent the Nigerian society is.

With the buck stopping on the Number One’s table, I guess whatever happens in the polity gets blamed on him. But we need to look at some peculiar Nigeria realities, why laying blames.

I think we are confusing INABILITY and INCAPACITY with deliberate INACTION / UNWILLINGNESS.

Permit this blasphemy on a Sunday. Even Jesus Christ himself cannot tackle the corruption in Nigeria without numerous people sharing his vision

It is that BAD.

Our focus on corruption at governance level is mostly hypocritical. The same guy in private capacity who does ‘under the table’ deals, when appointed, would certainly be fraudulent or pervert justice.

That’s a given.

What make us think the public position we hold has a direct bearing on who we are, at the core?
The same person pointing fingers would likely change his ringtone when he has unfettered access to power, aka money, in government.

(No one should believe he would be impervious to the allure of money until he has access to REAL money, available in government).

Just like in marriages, those caught out in marital infidelity never imagined they would do such a thing. The same way we like to grandstand when outside the corridors of power, but turn a new rotten leaf, when inside.

Examples are too legion to enumerate.

When the Inspector General of Police was once convicted of embezzlement / misappropriation, and the current one is being fingered in some deals, is it not disingenuous to expect a miracle from a geriatric President, overnight ?

We have a Farouk Lawal still making waves in the legislative arm of government, a law making body. Nobody insisted he be suspended. Remember Patricia Ette? Did she get suspended totally from the House?

We have not protested to the National Assembly, despite evidence that Farouk truly took a bribe from OteDollar.
But we all keep making noise about the Presidency.

If a judge takes a bribe, or an EFCC investigative officer gets inducement to obliterate evidence or manufacture fake evidence, the President with his arthritic limbs is the fault?.

Please !

What can the man really do, with his health challenges, age, and the open secret that EVERY Nigerian is a potential thief, given the opportunity and belief he would get away with his theft?

What we should do is first address that man in the mirror, insist on things being right at our level, before pointing fingers at the top.

One thing we can agree on, there is less impunity regarding stealing of public funds, unlike what we had in the immediate past. That’s a start, and should be sustained.

Take it, leave it, the body language in town is that you cannot simply do a Dasuki, Diezanni or Obanikoro now, and get away with it easily, as you could in the past. A step in the right direction .

The President can only act on the report he was given, the recommendations, in his time .

The same people shouting that the Presidency is not aggressive enough in fighting corruption, or is selective, etc are the same people who would say the man is dictatorial or despotic and interfering in the judicial arm of government if he acts the way he would act in a non_democracy.

The President is not the police or the investigative agency, who, being populated with Nigerians are eminently corruptible.. Despite the Presidency controlling the prosecutory agencies, but politics, like religion, is actually superior to legality in Nigeria, so fighting corruption it is not as simple as being painted.

Why else is it said politics is a dirty game?.

INEC is riddled with allegations of bribes. What makes us think the Presidency (as distinct from the person of the President) would be any different, as if the people working there are Martians or Neptunians?

There is no pretense. Just that an old / weak tree cannot do much in a decadent forest.

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