Be Still and know that I am Within?

Yes, everywhere you go,  your nostrils are assailed by  noxious fumes from overworked  power generators,  your eardrums are bombarded by cacophonous booms emitted by generators competing on decibel superiority. Your eyeballs are assailed by dust stirred up by automobiles rampaging across non macadamized  roads. It is a jungle,  a cacophonous  confusion,  a cornucopia  of rambunctious frenzy in the metropolis  .

In the. midst of all these,  several  professions do not afford those practicing them  the opportunity / luxury to be inundated with these commotions.

You say they are lucky? Not so fast.

You see,  if your profession is such that you need to stay in one spot for long periods,  you may want to occasionally get on the road to experience the madness prevalent thereon.

Which is better.. risking health issues by living/ working  a sedentary lifestyle,  where you are in the same spot,  day in,  day out,  or,  embracing a profession that affords you the opportunity of
feeling some polluted breeze across your  face,  and some sweat in the scorching afternoon sunlight?

I know which I would prefer.

Being cooped up in a padded  office,  where the deafening silence of dulcet central  air conditioning is the loudest noise disturbing your profound  contemplation,  where the muscles of the body (save for the brain) are on permanent holidays  and are likely atrophying prematurely….  is not my idea of a tea party.

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The doctors and psychologists says so. Use it if lose it. Irrespective of our profession,  we just must find a way to squeeze in physical activity. An unerringly predictable and calm environment is not good for child development,  and is deleterious to the well-being of the adult as well.
Some level of unpredictability and excitement stimulates the brain.

That bank cashier on that padded seat with the unending queue of impatient customers  in front of him.  That web designer, forex trader,  or medical practitioner who hardly ever gets time too stretch his legs once he resumes work,  the book seller in the small cubicle who has to stay inside day-in day-out,  with little opportunity to exercise the body.. you need to be proactive and become more physically active .

Being still is good.  A calm mien is wonderful  for the heart pressure. Serenity of environmentalists wonders for the mind   But, sustained inactivity is a premature. clarion call to the mortician.

Go on.  Put some disorderliness in your life. And make some unpredictability an occasional part of your daily life and ambiance It is what makes the world go round and round!

2 comments for “Be Still and know that I am Within?

  1. WillyWest
    January 15, 2015 at 11:00 pm

    Exactly what i tell people, our present lifestyle really doesnt help us. As if living a sedentary life isn’t enough we jump from AC offices to AC Cars to AC homes, eat processed food and drinks in cans with all the artificial preservatives, in our mind we say we are enjoying life, even trekkable distances we hop on bike. Still good at least the health industries have to make money.

  2. January 18, 2015 at 12:10 am

    Sedentary life is not good for anyone. We need to excercise our muscles as well as our brain. We run the risk of metabolic ailments when we don’t workout and yet eat junk food or the so called fast food. On the other hand, it would be injurious to go in the streets and inhale those noxious fumes from our ever present diesel engines and vehicles that never passed inspection but do ply our roads.

    The solution is simple. Never drive or take a bike when the distance is walkable. Never take the elevator when you can climb the stairs. Find time to take the family out to parks or village on weekends leaving behind the conveniences of the city. And an evening jog or a brisk walk just before the sun goes down will do you a lot of goods. And as for brain exercises, reading thrillers and Solving quiz or puzzles or doing crosswords could be helpful.

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