It is often said,

To be a millionaire, act like a millionaire

We could also paraphrase, and say,

To be a millionaire, REJOICE like a millionaire

We draw into our lives the frequencies (events) that resonate with the dominant thoughts and emotions that permeate our mind.

Here is the Law of Attraction:

Each One Draws Into His Life All He Thinks About Continually, Be It Positive Or Negative

If you are resentful or envious of those who seem to be richer than you, know that these negative thoughts will hinder the achievement of your own (financial) goals. Under this law, criticizing and despising rich people is actually the best way to stay poor!

In general, rich people like and consort with other rich people, while poor people despise and hate wealthy people as if they are responsible for their own poverty.

However , it woild appear there is a round robbing situation here…

Is It Because They Are Poor That They Criticize The Rich, Or If It Is Because They Criticize The Rich That They Are Poor?

This subconscious hatred of the rich is manifested by thoughts or words like:

– You can only become rich at the expense of others

-Rich people are crooks

-Rich people could only become so by being dishonest

Certainly, some people get rich by deceiving others, but there are even much more people who became rich proving real service to humanity. It is indeed quite possible to become very rich while contributing to the enrichment of others.

That you become rich does not imply that someone else has to become poor. A win-win is very possible. You should not take anything that belongs to another to build your own wealth.

Likewise, it also means that people have not taken anything to build their own fortunes, so there is no reason to blame those who are richer than you.

If you take the time to think calmly when such envious thoughts enter your mind, you will see that this is actually an expression of jealousy towards those who have what you do not have. But jealousy is a negative emotion that will not in any way advance you toward your goals.

When you think or speak disdainfully of a person driving a luxury car, it has no influence on his happiness or HIS wealth. He is probably oblivious of your existence and your antagonistic feelings. On the other hand, it has a serious impact on YOUR happiness and your wealth!

When you feel such negative feelings rising in you, neutralize them immediately and replace them with more constructive and wealth creating positive thoughts.

Presumably, you consider yourself as someone honest and authentic who deserves the respect of his entourage?
But if you believe that all rich people are dishonest and make money by stealing from others, how could you allow yourself to become a rich person? It’s impossible !

Unconsciously, you will prefer to remain poor to be able to keep a good image of yourself. What happens unconsciously in you looks like this:

He has a Lamborghini -> he is bad

I want a Lamborghini -> I will become bad

I do not want to become bad -> I will not have a Lamborghini!

If you want to become rich, you must learn to admire and love rich people. Replace these beliefs about the bad nature of rich people with a more positive one that will better serve your interests.

When you see something you desire.. a beautiful car, a beautiful house or anything, rejoice in it and send thoughts of happiness and even more success to the people who own them. You will get in step with them and attract those same things into your own life.

See the difference in mindset in the following.

When an American sees a luxury car, he says to himself,

“One day I’ll drive in a car like that”.

On the other hand, when a Frenchman sees a luxury car, he says to himself,

“You rich bastard! “.

It is all in the mind

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