Backwards is sometimes the way forward

Newer is not always better.

If it ain’t broke,  don’t mend it

Leave good enough alone.

These were all the sayings that ran through my mind when I switched to an ancient version of Swiftkey keyboard for Android, specifically Version and the keyboard brought back a long lost smile to my face.

I tap, predominantly,  rather than swipe. “” Remember that the kingdom belongs to the tappers.

SwiftKey has always been my best keyboard for tapping, from the first time I was pushed off Symbian unto Android.  But the problem for me is the recent excruciating lagging that occurs after using the keyboard for a while.” Remember how I finally chose a keyboard with character?
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Well, they say you never truly forget a first love. SwiftKey is my first keyboard love on Anroid. It is the serious lagging in recent version that soured our amorous relationship, and almost put us asunder permanently.

Checking the Internet about the lagging problem, you would see lots and lots of complaints, and a multitude of proposed solution to mitigate or eliminate the crippling problem.

One solution that is often canvassed is increased RAM size. The idea is that, if you have a device with lots of RAM, then the lagging problem on SwiftKey would vanish. I use a Tecno Phantom A III smartphone which has 1 GigaByte of RAM.  I remember using SwiftKey on a far less capable device,  a Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro, with 512 Megabyte memory, without lagging problems. So, I decided to give an older version of Swiftkey a whirl on my improved 1 GB device.

photo courtesy

photo courtesy

Behold! . No more lags!! .

The conclusion that can be reached is that, the interminable tinkering with the SwiftKey keyboard application has done something deleterious to its responsiveness. In solving some problems, another more fatal problem has been introduced… Lagging. Each new iteration of the application has failed to conclusively address the problem.

Clearly, we can’t all use 2, 3 or 4 or 8 Gigabytes RAM devices, just to enjoy a wondedful keyboard? After all, there are many other keyboards that don’t lag at all in use, even on low spec’d devices (Google KeyBoard comes to mind).

This clearly emphasizes my belief that, newer is not always better. In my post, ““> By their toys you shall know them, I mentioned my philosophy that rushing to procure cutting edge hardware on smartphones could be unnecessary, or even wasteful of resources,  depending on your needs. The same thing applies in apps. I am even more convinced now.
Is it an accident that a website like exists, warehousing old versions of Windows Desktop applications,  for those who have smelled the coffee and realized that newer is not necessarily

Yes, sometimes, often,  older is better than newer.  If you doubt me, check out the ruggedness and reliability of some old model cars, and compare with the newer ones, and be a believer.

Is it not said that wine matures with age? I am sticking with this old version of Swiftkey jare.  Awesome autocorrect,  psychic lookahead prediction, and more importantly, NO LAGS. What more can a man ask
for, in a keyboard?

(Note , the whole of this post was typed on the old school SwiftKey. I didn’t need to correct a lot, as almost all words come out correct, the first time. The power of Swiftkey).

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