Baba Vanga (Vangelia) Pandeva: Terrifying Predictions for 2016

Baba Vanga (Vangelia) Pandeva was born on January 31, 1911. She died on August 11, 1996 . She lived in the city of Petrich, Bulgaria .

Vanga lost her sight when she was 12. She was swept away by a mighty tornado. Later she was found alive, covered with dirt and stones, with sand in her eyes. She became blind as a result.

Vanga started making predictions when she was 16. She helped her father find a sheep stolen from the flock. She provided a detailed description of a yard where the animal was being hidden by the thieves. Her powers of foreseeing took shape after she turned 30.


Many a statesman visited Vanga. Adolf Hitler called on her one day. He left her house looking rather upset.

Vanga died in 1996 and predicted many of the major global shocks such as the tsunami of 2004 or the attack on the Twin Towers. And now, one last omen seems to begin to be fulfilled: according Baba Yanga, 2016 would be the year that “Muslims will invade Europe”.

Yanga Baba prophesied that in 2018 China will be the first “super power” in the world, taking the lead from the already worn U.S, plus, she added, in the same year a space probe will discover “a new form of energy” in planet Venus.

But that is not the end of the story, the great seer even said that things will start deteriorate for the U.S, and that the “African American” president would be “the last” acting president of the northern country.

“African American”president would be the last acting president of the U.S.”

Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova also predicted the attacks on the Twin Towers, when in 1989 she said:

“Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.” (1989)

Happened as predicted. The World Trade Center Towers in New York collapsed following terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 . The WTC Towers were dubbed “Twins” or “Brothers.” The terrorists drove passenger planes –“the steel birds”- into the towers. “The bush” obviously relates to the surname of the current U.S. president.

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She also anticipated the devastating tsunami in 2004 that hit the Thai coast,

“a big wave will cover a large coast with people and villages where everything disappears under water.”

She also said that in 2023 the Earth’s orbit would change, which would “melt the poles” and set fire in the “Middle East”

The old woman said:

“great Islamic war” would begin in Syria culminating in complete control of Rome, in 2043.

It also stated that there would be established a definitive Caliphate and that Europe “would cease to exist”, to become a continent “almost empty “and” wastelands devoid of any form of life. ”

One of the most shocking prediction was made in 1980. The blind old woman said: “At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it.”

The prediction did not make any sense back then. Twenty years on, it made a horrifying sense. A Russian nuclear submarine perished in an accident in August of 2000. The sub was named after the city of Kursk , which by no means could have been covered with water.

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Among the many predictions, there are some quite exotic, such as ensuring that aliens will help man to live underwater in 2130, or a possible war on Mars in 3005.

Finally, perhaps the most fantastic yet the most apocalyptic:

Vanga assured that there will be no survivors on Earth, circa 3797.

Here we leave a list of predictions for the coming years:

  • 2016. Muslims invade Europe.
  • 2023. There will be major changes in the Earth’s orbit.
  • 2025. The population of Europe will disappear as a result of wars.
  • 2028. There will be an attempt to travel to other planets like Venus, with the hope of finding other sources of energy to Earth.
  • 2033. Water levels rise due to the melting of the poles.
  • 2076. Communism contagious return to Europe and the rest of the world.
  • 2084. The rebirth of nature.
  • 2100. A new sun illuminates the dark side of the planet. This could refer to a scientific project that began in 2008 and will create an artificial sun using nuclear energy.
  • 2130. extraterrestrial civilizations might reach our planet.
  • 2170. Global Drought.
  • 2187. Two large volcanoes erupt.
  • 2262. Mars is threatened by a comet.
  • 2480. Two artificial Suns collide and leave the Earth in total darkness.
  • 3005. A war on Mars will change the trajectory of the planet.
  • 3010. A comet reaches the Moon, so the Earth is covered by a ring of rocks and ashes.
  • 3797. The Earth dies but mankind has advanced enough to move to a new solar system.
  • 5079: The universe will end.



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3 comments for “Baba Vanga (Vangelia) Pandeva: Terrifying Predictions for 2016

  1. May 21, 2016 at 12:29 am

    Hmm.. ….
    This tornado whirlwind thing again?
    A cousin of my dad known as Alimi Yopayopa in Lagos in the 50s and early 60s was doing the seemingly impossible things. Things beyond physical laws. Conjuring foods and items and making things to vanish. He was reputed for being able to disengage his arm from his shoulder hence the name Yopayopa. He was, like this old woman, taken up in a tornado and returned after 7 years when he was a small boy. It was after this that the once ordinary boy was transformed into something else. I saw with my very eyes some of his miracles.

    Could it be real tornado that took him away? I doubt. Maybe an alien craft. We might never know. But whatever took these people did something to them that we cannot explain.

    • WillyWest
      May 21, 2016 at 10:00 am

      According to Arabian or Islamic folk lore, Jinns (or djinns or genies) are beings made from smoke or fire (remember the story of Aladdin and his wonderful lamp?) they live on earth, not in heaven or hell. They sometimes do the biddings of men or men are used to do their biddings.

      Now these beings are believed to sneak into the lowest parts of heaven and there they eavesdrop on the conversations of the heavenly beings as regards the future of nations and of men. Hence their knowledge of the future which they communicate to men. Arabic folk lore also goes further to say these beings are often chased out of these lower heavens by shooting stars – hence the shooting stars we see at night.

      So Mr Alimi, Ms Pandeva, Nostrademus and a host of other miracle workers could be using powerful spirits to see into the future and perform magic (miracles).

  2. Eye_bee_kay the out of the ordinary. o
    May 27, 2016 at 4:56 pm

    My dad said he was also carried away by a whirlwind. (àjà) for seven days.

    He was an exemplary man, but we didn’t see him perform any miraculous act. Only thing was he seemed ahead of his time in terms of being above sensual or carnal things, and as scrupulously honest a man as you can find..

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