The difference between an automatic and manual gearbox?

Making a choice between an automatic or a manual transmission is a decision that needs to be made when choosing a vehicle. It is almost as far_reaching in its consequence as the brand of vehicle itself.

There was a time when only luxury vehicles had automatic transmissions. Not anymore, as almost all (even budget modern vehicles) now offer the automated option. Of course practically every luxury car now comes with automatic transmission gearboxes (except for enthusiasts’ high performance racing cars).

You wouldn’t spend good money to purchase a car and still expect to undergo the stress of depressing the clutch and shifting gears every now and then in mad traffic.

These days, cars with automatic transmission outnumber their manual counterpart, but bigger vehicles or those used commercially for haulage tend to have manual. 

Both forms of transmission have their (dis)advamtages, and this is why some vehicles have a hybrid of the two, giving you the best of both worlds. The choice of one or the other will be predicated on personal preference or habit.

For example, with a manual gearbox, you have complete control on your shift points. This could lead to a significant savings in fuel consumption. Traditionally, a manual equipped would use less fuel than the automatic equipped vehicle of the same make, model and year. But modern automatic transmissions are now every bit as fuel_efficient as their manual comrades, and even better.

The advantages of a manual gearbox

-This is form more common in older vehicles and therefore cheaper to buy than the automatic and easier to repair (did to significantly reduced complexity). Repairing a manual tranny is child’s play compared to the automatic variety

– You can push start a manual. If your battery / kick-starter happens to have an unanticipated problem, there is no big problem. With the auto, you must fix the problem before you can move the car (other than towing)

– If you frequently undergo long uninterrupted freeway journeys, alone, a manual makes it easier for you to stay alert more easily due to the necessity to physically change gears occasionally in the course of the journey.

– Less complexity means a fault is easier handled for significantly less cost as compared to an automatic.

-If your first car is an automatic, or you learned to drive with one, you would need to learn how to drive a manual!

-We already mentioned the fuel consumption disparity (at least in older vehicles).

The advantages of an automatic transmission

-It takes less effort to learn with, and far less effort to drive. In stop-and-go traffic, you would be glad to have an automatic transmission doing all the work of gear_shifting, automatically.

-There is no clutch plate / disc to replace periodically as you have in the he manual.


It is up to you to choose the gearbox that suits your lifestyle! If you make long journeys generally devoid of traffic, then choose the manual gearbox. It outs you in betysf control of the car, and is actually the preferred mode of those who love to drive. On the contrary, if you travel mainly in the congested cities, then opt for an automatic transmission, and save your left calf, kneecap, triceps and biceps from wear and tear.


We are now in the era of electric self_driving vehicles. Soon, gearboxes would go the way of the dinosaur, allowing us go from 0 to 60 in three seconds, as there is no variation between engine-(motor)-speed and actual car speed. Junie even quote likely that we would progressively drive less and less as more vehicles drive themselves. Heck, more and more people may even find it unnecessary to own personal cars!

But until we finally ditch internal combustion engines (ICE) and human_driving, think carefully before selecting your car transmission type..

Modern cars aim to automate as many things as possible. That’s the essence of technological advancement. You don’t want to adjust car seats, rearview mirrors, wind down your glass or tinker with climate controls – manually. You want your windshield wipers to be rain-sensitive, etc.

Personally, I would go for the automatic, any day, no matter what. I am that lazy!.

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