Assuage The Age Bondage.

You never realize you are old, or getting old, until certain things start happening. Things that never were any considerations when you were much younger.

Like doing frog jumps and doing push-ups in the dozens, with one / two hands.

Then, some day, the realization hits you bad. You are getting old.

No; I am not talking about colleagues / acquaintances or friends dying one after the other. I am talking about (signs of) physical deterioration.

First. It is the waning eyesight. When you were very young, you could effortlessly read that bible or James Hadley Chase novels with tiny prints – without any stress. Then, as the years advance, you discover it takes more effort Your eye blur a little bit faster after reading for one hour or two. Your eyes may even water.

Or worse, you can’t see the miniscule prints properly.. Time for those eyeglasses? . You fight it for a while , them eventually succumb, and go see your optician, optometrist or ophthalmologist, or all – in any order.

Next, you discover that those hairs on your head are thinning out. Not quite as luxuriant as they used to be

Incipient baldness?

While there are very young folks who go bald prematurely (genetic / inheritance things), if you have no such malady in your family line, be aware that this could be interpreted as the body slowing down due to age!

Still on the hairs.. You spot one gray hair on your head, then three, then seven. You are frantic. You furiously pluck them out as you discover them, only to have each strand eradicated getting substituted with three more. Then, you realize that plucking them out is a losing effort .. a wasted one… there are more gray hair than black!

There is this saying that when the former Governor of Lagos State became governor, he could count the number of gray hair. They were few.

By the time he left that position (8 years later) , he was instead counting the bunker of black hair strands.. the gray hair had completely taken over, leaving only a few black ones… the ravages of time (and possibly the stress of that position).

Wetin (wo)man go do? You could go for the clean shaven look. Ensure there are no hairs on your head, all the time . However, the moustache and beards are also populated with gray. You could elect to just remove and keep removing everything every week, making your barber rich (if you don’t have a personal clipper) . Or, you could decide to dye everything black, regularly.

Or, you could be like some who leave the gray beards intact (to intimidate the younger ones) , while keeping the head itself bereft of hair.

Whatever, some body functions are clearly not quite quite as energetic as they used to be.

So I met an old classmate after a long while. Now, good way to access how well or badly you have aged is to meet an old classmate for the first time in decades, and see how youthful that person still looks, and do a mental comparison.. .

I did a double take because his neck was badly swollen – hyperthyroidism, he told me. Some thyroid gland overproducing some needed poisons in the body. The result – a neck like that of a weight lifter. Unending medication. Possibly, surgery to cut that thyroid to size, literally speaking, causing a new set of sexual problems .

Sign of old age? Organs slowing, or shutting down?

And then, those teeth. After years of tearing, gnawing and grinding, some of them eventually give up the ghost.

Despite having brushed your teeth diligently over time and maintained dental hygiene, old age eventually start stamping its authority emphatically .

Your dentist, orthodontist or whoever may have to yank out some troublesome tooth, once in a while.
Hopefully, they are one of the molars / premolars that are basically hidden by the cheek.

If one of the teeth yanked out is the incisor, located right in front, what do you do? Get a replacement (fake) tooth? Could that mean, bye bye to tearing those luscious fried chicken at Mr Biggs’

What a horrible experience!

Yes; like my late mother used to say, old age is not joke!

Like any old equipment, no matter the maintenance and diligent workout, the body starts would eventually show some signs of tiredness, wear and rear. A matter of time. It is how time rolls.

Is it the prostate (if you are male ) ? If a man lives long enough, he eventually gets prostate cancer, so the medical say.

The unrelenting ravages of TIME !

Therefore , as the years roll in, be gentle on your body. Take extra good care of that body There aren’t real replacements for the original body parts. Like those in vehicles, original parts are far better than any replacement (where available).

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