Artificially enhancing our stupidity.

Recently, there was the report , Narcolepsy Medication Modafinil Is World’s First Safe ‘smart Drug’

That doesn’t look like such a “smart” move to me!

An excerpt!:

Modafinil Is Prescribed For The Sleep Disorder Narcolepsy, But Is Bought Online Without Prescription By Healthy People, Who Take It To Improve Decision-making And Problem-solving.

The long term effects of this same drug is unknown.

Researchers said the drug is safe when taken on a short-term basis, but acknowledged there is limited data available on the effects of long-term use..

A doctor commented thus:

Makes sense. Maybe academic doping, similar to what you have in sports. With good results. Minus all the adverse effects. Especially in the short term. Hmm..

Performance enhancing drugs, libido enhancing drugs, and now intelligence enhancement?

My immediate reaction was that of rejection. And my view is summarized by saying,

Makes no sense to me. I hardly ever take drugs, relying more on the natural recuperative powers of the body. Now, imagine taking intelligence enhancing drugs! Artificial intelligence, or natural stupidity? Every drug has side effects, abeg!

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The same doctor agrees. He says,

True. All drugs have their own side effects. Some devastating. While others bearable. Even then; just consider the possibilities!

That’s what could be scary. The possibility of what MAY happen to the brain, long term, by virtue of that intelligence booster.

I am no doctor, but the idea of taking drugs to make us sick when we are well, keep us awake when the body wants to rest, make us artificially intelligent when we are stupid, put us to sleep when the body wants to be awake, make you fertile when infertile (and vice versa), make us sad when we are happy, make us horny when we can’t ‘get it up’, make us lively when when we are depressed, and so on is alarming.

There is always a pill for that!

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Drugs to make you slim when you are thin, make you articifially muscular without rigorous stints at the stadia / gymnasia, drugs to burn belly fat overnight, and so on and so forth.

The major concern I have is the possible long term side effects of all the pills we ingest (unnecessarily, in my opinion). Are vitamin supplements safe? Really? Does all of the medical profession agree?

Why not simply eat well?

If we have to pop a pill when we go to sleep and pop another to take us through a hectic day, there is real trouble. Lots of people routinely take analgesics almost every evening after a strenuous day. I see this, and shake my head.

Our former President Yar A’dua, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston (and daughter) and so many other popular people fell to the (ab-)use of recreational, depressant and antidepressant drugs, or just drugs, generally.

People routinely take aphrodisiacs like BuranTashi (this sells copiously during St Valentine’s Day), Viagra and the newly approved female version , Flibanserin (which I am convinced is just a Peregrination In The Wilderness). If we agree that all drugs have side effects (some not immediately apparent, and some not totally clear to the medical world), shouldn’t we eschew popping pills as much as possible (specifically, when it is avoidable)? We have enough factors outside our control mitigating against our wellbeing, in these modern days. Geneticaly modified food, additives, colorants, environmental pollution, ozone layer depletion,etc, etc.

Why willfully add more?

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Supposing you have a raging headache after a hectic day at work, and an even more rigorous meandering through killer traffic, do you regularly pop analgesics to kill the pain? Or, would you give the body a chance to recover naturally, by drinking cool water, relaxing and letting sleep perform its recuperative wonders?

Do you, as a woman, suffer from dysmenorrhea, and continually, regularly pop pain killers during your painful periods (pun intended)? Have you considered what possible long term effect this habit (could) have on the kidneys.?

Yes, Mouth Action Can Be Dangerous To Our Health , and the earlier we become mindful of what goes into our body (mouth) as much as we mind things that come out of our mouths, the better.

Don’t ye all know that the body is a temple and should not be desecrated by turning it into a dustbin, into which all sorts of things are thrown?

Diligence is better than stubbornness.

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  1. Afewgoodmen
    December 18, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    Hmm… Interesting take on Modafinil.

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