These are the days of automation. Everything that can be handled better, faster, by machines, are delegated to machines. Invariably,  this would lead to loss of jobs,  and more importantly,
the early population of graves,  due to reduced level of physical activity. We now have  robots that can walk your dog,  take the elders for the morning walk, run errands in the house, etc. There are even robots, full sized humanoids, that play the role of the sexual partner. Ouch!  How good is that for mental well-being?


While automation is great,  taking things to the extreme,  like many other things in life, has far reaching, negative impacts. In the olden days,  there were far  more physical {and mental}  activities, than we have now. There were wrestling contests in the market square The man of the house had enough exercise chasing after antelopes, climbing palm trees and  attempting to outrun the cheetahs in the forest. The women engaged in enough physical activities doing households chores like cooking, washing clothes ,  grinding pepper on the grinding stone,  etc… all manually.
The children were not left out, with their rambunctious peregrinations. There were no air conditioned SUVs to take them to and from school,  no PlayStation, satellite TV or computer games to ensure they are physically indolent.

Fast forward to modernity,  lots of us are physically unfit because there is hardly much  (room for)  physical activity, anymore. We have our automobiles to make old-fashioned trekking an arcane art, washing machines to ensure most of us don’t know how to wash clothes by hand ,  pepper machines, and all sorts of gadgets.
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Can we get off our fat behinds,  get our fingers dirty and our muscles rippling from some physical acyivity? These things  make our lives easy,  but they also make our physical well-being doubtful,  if rationality and moderation are not employed. Apart from being physically less able,  we are also getting mentally enervated.

Use it or lose it.  A muscle that is not used (actively)  atrophies and dies.  We make progressively less use of our memory (we have reminders). Would’nt you rather add a column of numbers by long hand,  attempt to recall telephone numbers from memory, remember enough memory dates from your memory,  remember colleagues’ license plate numbers off hand? How lost would we feel if the extension of our brain,  the smartphone, got missing? While embracing modernization,  it is is essential to note that these things should not be done with superfluity.

We could leave that car alone, and trek, provided the distance is not too much.  A little sweat never killed anyone. If there are some minor figures to calculate,  rather that impulsively reach for that calculator app on the smartphone,  how about doing it by hand?

Keeping fit,  spiritually, mentally and physically,  is good business..

Yes,  it is bad business for the morticians,  pathologists, coffin sellers,  the medical professionals,  etc,  but luckily we can discount them, right ?

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