Someone says,

Honest Question: Seeing As Sex Robots Are On The Way, Will It Be Fornication/Adultery To Sleep With One? Any Soul Ties Involved With Those?

As a matter of fact, sex robots are not on the way. They are with us,already available for purchase, or rent.

Someone cheekily responded,

Perhaps The Laws Of God Need An Upgrade In These Modern Times, No?

Reading an article like the beginning Ubiquity Of Sexbots with live brothels populated by robots to give sexual pleasure to randy men and seeing reports like Brothel Is ‘Renting Out Sex Robot For £88 An Hour’, one cannot help but wonder about the sociological impacts, as well as the RELIGIOUS angle.

If a man decides to pleasure himself with a humanlike sexbot (sex robot) -because the wife is frigid, deprives him of sex, has he commited adultery?

How very different is a humanoid (human like) robot from any other sex toy like a dildo? The housewife who uses a sextoy to pleasure herself in the absence of an absentee husband, (who is simply too busy to have time for her) – has she erred spiritually ?

What is the definition of adultery?

Human Laws Are Revamped Regularly, New Ones Crafted – With Changing Trends. It Is A Necessity.

Does It Mean Some Spiritual Laws May Be Inapplicable To The Indefatigable March Of Modernity? Outdated?

Your thoughts?

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