Apple Kicks Out Google Maps – WWDC2012


The Apple’s annual event WWDC for this year kicked off yesterday with the usual keynote address and the unveiling of Apple’s latest products. As is expected, the keynote address came with surprises for the devotees (myself included). But as we all know, surprises could be pleasant or otherwise. In this case, it was a bag of mixtures.

Prior to the WWDC, there had been various speculations. We heard rumors of iPhone 5 with 4inch display, Siri integration in iPads, and even a 7inch mini iPad. A fellow blogger and an apple fan like me even went on to post a wish list of what he would like to see in the next iOS. His list makes an interesting reading and could be accessed at Afewgoodmen’s Blog. So what’s in that bag of mixtures presented by Tim Cook yesterday?

We start first with what was served.

MacBook Pro Laptops: Dubbed “next generation”. This is an improvement on the previous MacBooks ( upgraded hardware). Ivy Bridge – the new 3rd generation Intel processors are used in these new babies. They will offer up to 512GB of flash storage via solid state hard drives which means a lightning-quick response. The 15inch model has the option of Retina Display for an additional $400. Price range of these laptops from about $1,799 for the bare-minimum version to upwards of $2,700 for “full option” version. Costly? Yep. That’s a MacBook. Don’t expect less. But then, you know you are buying a solid product that will serve you well.

OS X Mountain Lion: This is a major upgrade on the previous OS X Lion and has more integrations with the iCloud and Apple’s Game Centre thus bringing the laptop OS closer to the Apple’s mobile devices.

iOS 6: This long awaited Apple’s mobile OS has finally been announced but will not be seen by consumers till fall this year. Developers can however start playing with it from now. In this OS, Siri will be more functional but aside from iPhone 4S, only the new iPad will have Siri integration. Other notable feature in iOS 6 include the ability to use facetime over 3G or 4G network.

Google Map: Apple is kicking out google map in iOS 6. So, the next apple mobile OS may come without maps till Apple launches its own maps app. The new Apple maps will have traffic info, business listing, and turn by turn navigation. No surprises here. Looks like the battle for supremacy between Apple and Google is far from over.

What was not served.

iPhone 5: Sorry, no iPhone 5 again this time. Maybe next time or just maybe before the year runs out. After all, the last phone came out about 9 months ago. Not up to a year.

Siri Integration: Limited to iPhone 4S and the New iPad. One would have expected inclusion of iPad 2.

So there we have the essence of the keynote address to the Apple’s WWDC and as usual, many are happy and many fans are disappointed. This is typical Apple’s way of doing things and one should learn to take it the way it is. What do you feel about it?

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