AndroSearch: finding the needle in a haystack

Our smartphones are progressively getting furnished with gigabytes of storage space.  Like in an office and home environment,  where putting everything in the right place and having a place for everything makes finding your things easy, proper organization of your files in folders is essential to avoid bedlam,  when locating items on your device. However,  despite arranging things carefully,  there are times you save a file, or download an app,  and you can’t find it. Enter AndroSearch.

AndroSearch for Android

Recently,  I was looking for a file on the external memory of my smartphone. I was sure about the folder where it was saved,  but  did not remember the name of the file. Old age? Senility? You take your pick. Anyways, I needed the file urgently. Someone was waiting at the other end of the Atlantic to receive it, as I was meant to send it as an attachment to an email.

Tried as I did, and visually sifting through the numerous files in the folder, I couldn’t pinpoint the particular file I needed.

Being on Android, and having used device search apps like Aurora and Google Search apps in the past, I launched a search for a device search application on my browser. Out popped up AndroSearch,  a device search application on Android.

I downloaded it, and the app had me whistling stridently and appreciatively,  in seconds.  It was that impressive!

Following is the details of what the search application is about.

✔ FILES Search – by name, extension, and Fulltext search INSIDE: PDFs, Office, ebooks , etc. (see formats below).

✔ CONTACTS Search – by name, NOTES, emails, phones, postal addresses, organization.

✔ APPS Launcher – by name, and over app description on Google Play

✔ Google Query Suggestions – get query suggestions and take your search online.

✔ Fuzzy search – keyboard typos and misspells tolerant. Always on, fast, and intelligent.

✔ type-ahead – sub-second instant results appear as you type (index search, typeahead, substring).

✔ Matches preview – See the context of each match to judge results relevance (like in web search).

✔ Files Search By Metadata – Search MS Office 2007+ and OpenOfficedocuments, Music songs, and video files by Author, Title, Artist, Album.

✔ Recently Modified Files View – Care about recent files like pictures you took today, files you downloaded a minute ago, a document you recently edited? See them regardless of the folder they’re in, with the innovative fast flat view of all files in the device SD card, sorted by when they were modified

✔ Recently Installed Apps View – So you could easily get to the app you installed two days ago but can’t remember its name.

✔ Off-line search – No data connectivity needed. Can search over what you downloaded in an offline browser.

* Supported files formats: PDF, EPUB, FB2, MP3, MP4, word (DOCX), excel spreadsheet (XLSX), powerpoint presentations (PPTX), OpenOffice docs (ODT). QuickOffice files, markdown (md), cached Evernote notes.

If you use an Android device,  you should have this installed . I am still giving it a spin,  but felt I have to rush to share this wonder of an app.

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It would find almost anything you can think of, in almost any file, as long as you remember a string in the file. It also searches your contacts, installed apps, with fuzzy search imolemented (it means it uses the soundeX algorithm to tolerate spelling mistakes – when specifying your search parameter).

The paid version is said to eliminate ads, and both the free version and the paid versions exist on the Google Play Store.

Give it a spin, and thank me later.

Note: A little bird told me a Windows Desktop version exists, but that this Android version is far more versatile. I would take that for a ride much later.

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