AMEN , the magic cure to all MISHAPS?

Someone posts the gory picture of an accident scene on Facebook, then writes underneath (reproduced verbatim) ..

To spend this year accident_free, Type AmenYou will have accident tommorrow if you ignore

I think this is the picture of the accident scene of Peace Transport Company which happened recently. Another one happened with the same company, earlier, in May 2016.

Apart from the childishness of the above post , and the mistake of spelling tomorrow with double M, the mystifying thing is that this asinine post got 62,095 likes and 97,583 comments (as at the time of writing this)! .

A whopping 62,095 likes and 97,583 comments on a post, just because it is a religious one!

Nigerians and religion!

I did not bother to read the comments. Not one.

I can imagine comment like..

It shall not be our portion IJNIt is well. May God repose the souls of the dead ones

God will be with their family, and give them the fortitude to bear their loss

… Amen, Amen, Amen… typed in obedience to the religious command to type it.

I wrote posts, Hypocrisy is a part of religion and The Immorality of Hypocrisy!, which leads to the extrapolation that immorality and religion have some link

Nigerians are very very religious, but very immoral / amoral while putting on the toga of sanctimoniousness. I have often wondered what would happen to this country if we didn’t have a proliferation of religious arenas.

Things are this bad despite people listening to sermons regularly, repeatedly. Imagine what would happen if every nook and cranny of the country is NOT a worship place, as it is now.!

As I write this, a neighbor in the next compound is conducting an early morning usual praise worship, disturbing people, and waking them up early, whether they like it or not . This happens every single morning. I happen to know what some of them do when they are not conducting religious grandstanding. The Grand convener even has a daughter who works in a nightclub. What she wears out is enough to give a good idea of what she does, and leaves EVERYTHING to the imagination.

Another neighbor was recently ordained a Pastor in the Church with the greatest spread on Nigeria.. He confessed with his mouth to me that he partakes in the evil triplets…. drinks, smokes (marijuana), and womanizes.

Man bodi no be firewood.

He says, he must enjoy his life, as this is the single one he has. I can smell Marijuana aroma wafting across the fence into my neighbor from him, early in the morning.

On the other side of my residence, (fast becoming Church Street with four churches, and counting), another church has just sprung up, and you could hear somebody screaming at the top of his voice into a microphone during unholy periods.

He obviously fails to realize that Worship Can Be Dangerous To Our Health!

Recently, a WhatsApp Group set up for Old Schoolmates has shown that a sizeable number of us are Pastors… preaching. exhorting people to be of good behavior, bla, bla.

The world is not only inundated with numerous Pastors and Imams but also assaulted by unsurpassing evil.

If humans are such religious creatures, why is there so much evil on earth ? Can somebody explain this? Some Muslims would worship five times daily without fail, and turn around to slaughter in the name of religion. Boko Haram, Al shabab, ISIS..anyone? ..

Christians would be all docile, gentle and dulcet on Sunday , inside Church , but regress to their evil ways the rest of the week.

I don’t get it!


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