Allow Your Husband To Be The Child He Is .

So, I came across this,  somewhere :

Women are supposed to Love Their Husband And Train Their Children.

I find that  many women, instead,  Love Their Children And Train Their Husband.


The idea is that many wives tend to direct their love predominantly at the children. 

I have heard too many men (husbands & fathers) complain about this,  saying they are generally secondary to the children in their wife’s consideration and attention. Many feel insignificant to and disrespected by their wives.

Someone cheekily says, 

But the Holy  Book only said “women, submit to your husband”.  It never directed women to love their husband.

It is the man that’s supposed  to love the wife,  not the other way round!

Here are the two exact quotations:

Wives, Submit Yourselves Unto Your Own Husbands, As Unto The Lord.

Husbands, Love Your Wives, Even As Christ Also Loved The Church, And Gave Himself For It;

Someone countered this notion  of wives tending to love their children more,  thus.. 

I think the act of submission itself is a way of professing love to the man.

The man is meant to love the woman, but the woman is expected to reciprocate the same by respecting the man

Many men, unlike lots of women, associate love with actions instead of with feelings. Apparently,  Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

When the children consistently come first, and the man is casually treated, he tends to feel unloved. And also, lonely. As the wife pours progressively more of her life into being a mother, she simultaneously tends to pour progressively less and less into being a companion or wife, neglecting the man.

The friendship that once existed between the couple now gets watered down with friendship with the children, straining the conjugal relationship. Strange as this may sound, the husband may start feeling frustrated or even jealous of the relationship with the children.

The man then becomes more vulnerable to outside temptation – the lonelier he becomes.. The more the time spent by the wife with the children, the less with the man, the more it makes the man susceptible to easy capitulation to the attentions / temptations of other women.

Wives should therefore always remember that men aren’t the stoic and macho creatures they tend to always want to portray. They need care, appreciation, attention and pampering – just like the children.

Your spouse is important. Realize that it is just as equally important to be a great wife as it is to be a good mother. None of the roles should be subordinated to the other. The children won’t stay with you forever. The reason you don’t want to be saddled with a stranger when you  have only yourselves to yourself.. as it would eventually happen.

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