All In One Gestures, The Android Swastika App

I once wrote the posts A Man Of Zero Parts and Make A Gesture, It Could Save Your Life!

Both posts were targeted at Android phone users, and what they can do with the power of the Android platform.

The idea is that you do not need the hardware buttons (power, volume, etc), on a modern smartphone (if you are running an Android phone).

By using software to accomplish the same tasks those physical buttons provide, you prolong the lives of those hardware buttons, and also supercharge your productivity .

Have a look at those posts, above.

Apart from needing the physical power button to switch your phone ON, there is nothing else a physical button does that software cannot virtually do.

While purposefully wondering around the World Wide Web, I came across All In One Gesture android application.

An app like GMD GestureControl is similar, but like the method that entails the EXposed FrameWork (in one of my earlier posts , above), GMD requires ROOTing (a route which many may not want to follow).

All In One Gestures does not require ROOT (for 95% of its operations).

You can assign the following activities / actions to eight different positions of the screen :

Upper Left, Upper Right, Upper Middle

Middle Left, Middle, Middle Right.

Lower Left, Lower Middle, Lower Right

You can assign actions to double-tapping / long-pressing on the Notification / Status Bar, etc.

The actions you can assign are :

Home, Back, Screen Off, Recent Apps, Power Menu, Search, Input method, Kill Apps
Status bar(Expand Notification / QuickSettings), Quick toggles, Screensaver, Volume, Brightness,
Media Control, Immersion-Mode

You can also assign any (and all) of these actions to physical buttons (like your power and Volume keys) .

Very few of these may require ROOT. Give them a try to see which works for your device (almost everything works on my device, without ROOT).

All In One Gestures is available on Google Play Store, with the free version providing all functionalities, and the paid, eliminating ads.

Click on the link above to take it for a spin.

It is sure to enhance your productivity.

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