Affluence Is A Way Of Life!

There is a particular way rich people think:

Let’s compare and contrast…

-To become truly rich, it is essential that you believe you are in control of your financial life. You must believe that you are in charge of creating your success / failure in money issues.

-Rather than taking responsibility for what is happening in their lives, the poor play the blame game.

The rich play the game of money to win. The poor play the game of money to not lose. The rich play the game of money aggressively, while the poor do so defensively – being primarily concerned with their survival and security while the rich seek wealth and abundance.

It takes being comfortable with being financially uncomfortable to become really rich. Taking enlightened risks has to become second nature.

-There could be a mental block to being rich that the poor subliminally entertain – that there is something wrong in being wealthy. This mental block needs to be eliminated to make progress.

-The rich have big dreams. Poor people have small dreams.

The fear of failing (and even more – that of succeeding) ensures that the poor do fail.

Thinking small and acting small lead to being broke and dissatisfied. Thinking big and acting bigger lead to being rich mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and more importantly financially.

-The rich focus on how it cam be done – opportunities (rewards) while the poor concentrate on why it can’t be done -obstacles (risks).

The poor make choices based on fear. They keep looking at situations from the angle of what might not work out.

The rich act with a positive mindset, expecting to succeed, and doing so. They believe that if something doesn’t work, there are alternative ways to explore – to make it work.

-The rich associate with positive people who succeed. The poor associate with negative_minded naysayers who do not succeed. The best way to avoid mistakes is to emulate and watch those who have done what you want to do – become rich.

-The road to riches is full of obstacles, traps and detours. That’s why most people do not follow it. However, by trying to avoid problems at all costs, they find themselves faced with the biggest problem of all – broke and miserable.

Rather than avoid problems, embrace them and crank out solutions to solve problems.

-The rich choose to be paid based on the results produced -while the poor prefer to be paid according to their time- preferring the security that comes from knowing that they will receive exactly the same amount of money at the same time per annum.

-The rich focus on their net worth whole poor focus on their earned income.

The poor focus completely on the income they earn. The rich, understand that wealth is measured by net worth (not earned income). To expand your net worth, focus on the four factors that make up your net worth.. income, savings, return on your investments, simplification of your lifestyle to reduce your expenses.

-The rich manage their money well but the poor manage it poorly, or completely avoid managing it – under the excuse of there not being enough to manage in the first place. The rich are not smarter than the poor. They simply adopt different and more beneficial financial habits – like good money management.

-The rich make their money work hard for them. The poor work hard for their money – all their lives.

Hard work is important, yes. But, it must be noted that working hard does not make you rich.Numerous people slave at their jobs for eternity without ever getting rich, while we often observe the rich spend their afternoons playing table tennis, shopping or basking on some beach in sunlight.

For the rich, working hard to make money is only temporary. They work hard until their money works for them and takes over. For the poor, working hard is a permanent situation.

-The rich act – despite the fear. Poor people let fear stop them.

Rich and successful people in life have fears, doubts, worries just like everybody else, but they do not allow these feelings to incapacitate them. Poor people who do not succeed in life have fears, doubts, worries and let these feelings stop them from taking beneficial steps.

To make a fortune, you must be ready to do what is necessary, you must not let your fear of failure, or anything else, or anyone stop you.

Step out of your comfort zone!

-The rich learn and grow unceasingly. If you’re not already rich, most likely you still lack some things to learn about money, and how to make and keep it.

The poor would spend money on things that do not enrich their knowledge of money-making, saying that they can not afford education due to lack of time / money. On the other hand, the rich cheerfully spend money on things that enrich their knowledge and capacity to make them more money..

While there are other riches that have nothing to do with money, note that this post is generally / mostly about material riches.

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