What one does is what counts. Not what one had the intention of doing.

— Pablo Picasso

Action. Intention. Ethics. Morals.

An ethical question recently presented itself.

This was about the e-book… Against The Run Of Play
recently released by veteran Journalist, Segun Adeniyi.

The e-book is sold for ₦2,000, but accidentally came across it online (it is already circulating and available for free download), downloaded it and shared the download link to a Whatsapp group.

I then ran into a barrage of criticism. Some felt I should buy the ebook and encourage others to also pay for it, since this is intellectual work.

I agree…

Someone said..

How will people make money from their intellectual property if we just pirate?

It is ONLY ₦2,000 for Christ sake!

Good point..


In a country where minimum wage is ₦18,000, only a mad man would call ₦2k ONLY for a mere e-book. Or, a hypocrite..

I don’t think an ebook should cost more than ₦100 in Nigeria .

I said,

He wants to sell 10,000 copies and make ₦ 20 Million, right? That easily? Ok na.

If you don’t want it, don’t click on the download link . Easy.


If you take money that’s not yours because someone left it in the open , you are as much of a thief as that bank robber.

So, don’t click

Besides, my reason for sharing this ebook liberally is not for pecuniary personal gain.

I further expatiated…

I would distribute this without any qualms.

More ordinary people need to know what some of these politicians did to Nigeria, not just elites that can afford to spend ₦2k on an ebook…

The mechanics, the okada riders, the pepper seller..

As a matter of fact, I feel this particular book shouldn’t be sold, but distributed so that political truths can reach all and sundry. It should not be a money-making venture, but rather a patriotic act.

Nigerians have a herd mentality. Only access to TRUTH and INFORMATION can emancipate us, and help us take the correct decisions during elections.

We need to know how some Nigeria was almost rendered barren by crass avarice.

Someone counters,

So you’re basically saying people shouldn’t get paid for their creative endeavours anymore?

We pirate Nigerian movies, we pirate Nigerian music, we steal ebooks, we steal apps.

We want everything for free.

That’s NOT how a healthy economy runs

Very correct thinking.

But then, here was a counterpoint …

China is the home of piracy.

The average Chinese is very well to do. It is a billionaire’s playground

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying piracy is good.


We live in a jungle…

There is no sugar-coating this. Some would continue to be idealists, while others would be realists.

I could of course play the nice guy and preach what you are preaching, but it changes nothing….

The moralist keeps appealing to propriety..

Well, there are many things that are not right that we ignore and pretend as though they’re right.

My advice? If you can afford to buy the ebook, please buy the book.

I believe that is the right thing to do.

Well, I wish I could afford to buy 5000 copies for ₦10 Million, I would do that and distribute to people for political enlightenment.

Since that is not possible, I think my next best step as a civic duty is to distribute the download links, and those who still want to pay can go ahead and pay the Author. Those who do not want to pay, or can not afford to.. will still be able to avail themselves of vital political information ..

One of the motors of the Rotary Club is..

Is it for the good of the majority

Would I commit this mortal sin of distributing this download link?

Hell, YES!!

Or, Is It TRULY Immoral To Share? even when the motive is actually altruistic, like Robin Hood?

Your take?

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