We once asked,

What’s The Purpose Of work?, of Wealth?

A holy book says, partly,

…Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…

Someone says,

If Albert Einstein were a Nigerian, he would have spent seven years doing a four-year Physics degree at a University, and would probably have ended up as a Relationship Officer at a Bank.

Food for thought !

In Nigeria of today, unless you attend a Private University, the chance of spending exactly the number of years your course demands is slim. If the Lecturers do not strike over conditions of service, the students would riot over arbitrary School Fees increment.

Meanwhile, only the rich can afford to send their wards to Private Universities.

Industrial Strikes and other disruptions are almost guaranteed to add a few extra years to your sojourn at the Tertiary Level. As a matter of fact, this has crept into the Secondary Level, with some teachers abandoning schools, for months, at different times in different States of the country, for varying reasons.

Someone responded,

Just heard that a popular Actress is a graduate of Mathematics and Statistics, and has a Post Graduate diploma in Computer Science. Another well known actress has a degree in Petroleum Engineering. Yet, they make far more today in acting, than they would have made pursuing their original professions.

Can money and fame serve as enough fulfilment? What happens to the joy of practising what you were originally trained to do, even if you are patently potentially multi talented?

There are doubtless lots of Master’s Degrees holders who ride commercial motorcycles and tricycles in our metropolis. A well known comedian is as well educated and enlightened as you can find in any clime.

The outrage at The Dangote Group of companies advertising for graduates as Truck Drivers some time back, in his company, comes to mind.

Did the Business Mogul do the right thing? Why would you give a job that a Gorilla could almost do to an educated mind?

You may want to wonder why someone would go read Architecture for five years in a University, and never work with that all his life, but becomes a blogger. Or, another who studied Political Science ending up a Roadside Mechanic? Can we rightly infer that all these constitute a monumental waste in some ways?

There is a school of thought that believes that it is not really the vocation you (are forced to) select in the outside world that counts, but that the university exposure you bring to bear on whatever you do afterwards that is important. They posit that the broadening of the mind, and ability to solve problems is more important than the fact of a Geography graduate working in a bank. After all they would be easy to train in their new station in life.

As someone who was forced to branch into a vocation that was not your original plan, would you be content as far as the fame and money are attached to your accidental profession?

As a parent, would you be okay with your child who read Law in school, finding himself in Mechanized Farming, with no chance to practise all those things read in those expensive Law Books?

What’s your take?

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