There was the report of Google (and a couple of others) being interested in buying up Twitter.

Have a look at Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Verizon Are All Jostling To Buy Twitter

Somebody opined..

I Think All These Acquisitions Portend Great Danger For Smaller Companies.

Even The Ocean Where You Have Whales Also Accommodate Tiny Fingerlings

And someone else counteracted..

I Don’t See It That Way, I Rather See It As A Great Opportunity For Smaller Companies And Great Boost For Aspiring Small Companies.

The Hope Of Acquisition Is Something To Make Them Work Harder To Develop Something That The People Will Embrace In Droves, And Thus Position Their Apps For A Possible Lucrative Acquisition

Whatsapp, Acquired For $17 Billion Dollars By Facebook Is A Prime Example

Yes, mergers and acquisitions are going on at a frenetic pace.

Have a look at 20 Massive Deals That Changed The Tech World in 2015, for example.

Someone says,

Many Of These Very Big Corporations Are Not Driven By Passion. They Are Mostly Driven By The Bottomline. They Have To Pander To The Wishes Of The Shareholders.

Dell Corporation Went “Private” Because Of The Pressure Of Shareholders To Go For The Money, As Opposed To The Passionate Wishes Of Michael Dell, The Founder.

Smaller Sized Companies Are More Likely To Have More Significantly Bigger Breakthroughs Because They Try To Prove A Point To Compete Well Against The Bigger Player.

Imagine A World Where You Have only An Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung And Such Mega Companies

That World Is Looking Increasingly More Likely

The one who was canvassing for more of these takeovers further posited,

If You Are A Software Developer, You Doing Things Differently Rather Than Trying To Develop Another Whatsapp Or Youtube. You Create Something That Will Be Completely Revolutionary That Consumers Can’t Help But Be Wooed Into Adopting. .

It Normally Starts With Serious Thinking.. Not Just Looking For Inspiration Or Rather Copying Another App Or Adding One Or Two Extra Features.

Even When You Want To Take Inspiration From Existing Apps, You Concentrate Your Efforts On Those Things Considered Very Difficult Or Simply Impossible.

Take Software Keyboards, for example. They Weren’t Such A Huge Deal When Swype Started But They Did Something Radically Different From What Was In Existence Before It. They pioneered swiping, rather than tapping.

Astro File Manager, On Android, Was Already Established Before ES File Explorer Joined The File Manager Train, But Their Developer did Something Completely Different By Adding Features That Weren’t Hitherto Thought impossible On Mobile Phone They also Designed The Interface To Be So Easy To Understand And Use.

They Actually Did Something What Could Be Considered As A Harbinger Of The Present Day Material Design Adopted By Google

And the ding-dong proceeded with a counteractive,

You Seem To Be Concentrating On What That Solo Developer Or Small Software Development Team Stands To Gain By Being Snapped Up By The Bigger Fish.

Some Companies Want To Be Left (Small) Alone To Keep On Being Lithe And Aggressively Innovative, Not Bogged Down By The Bureaucracy Of A Gigantic Facebook, Or Google, Or….!

Not Every Innovative Company Wants To Be Bought Over.

Imagine What Would Have Happened If Microsoft Corporation Successfully Bought Google The Other Time Google Was Propositioned!

We Would Likely Not Have Android or Autonomous Vehicles Now, As The New Owners may Have A Totally Different Trajectory In Mind !

I Am More Focused On The Problem Of ONLY Ultra Big Companies DOMINATING In Practically All The Worthwhile technology Sectors.

It Is Bad For The Industry. Like I Said, It Stymies Innovation.

How Would A Small Company Make A Dent On The Office Document Space If It Is Likely To Be Snapped Up The Moment It Appears Outstanding, Only To Be Subsumed By A Far Bigger Structure, And Then “Killed”?

Be Acquired. Or Killed

Those Big Companies That Gobble Up Smaller Talented Companies /Software Developers Merely Kill, If They Can’t Acquire, And Often Kill, After Acquiring (Crazy As It Is).

What Do You Do When A Big Company Interested In What You Are Doing But Unable To Acquire You Offers What You Charge Customers, For Free, Until You Bleed To Death, Being A Startup? Is That Good For Innovation?


I Am Of The Firm Opinion That We Are Approaching A Plural Monopoly In The Technology World, And It Is Quite Worrying..

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