“Let all your things have their places, let each part of your business have its time.”

…Benjamin Franklin

Seeing the above quote, what came to my mind was the equivalent my Late Dad used to drum into our tiny brains, when we were very young..

Have a place for everything and put everything in its proper place.

At those times, we always felt the Old Man’s Wahala was too much. Who cares about returning that school bag, or placing the dirty clothes in the designated basket in the pantry?

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Years later, having grown up, the wisdom of the above quotes has become very apparent and has been guiding me throughout life.

There is a book, Dig your well before you are thirsty, and we also had a post here by that title too.

The idea behind that book and this post is the power in looking and planning ahead, always being prepared, like the Boys’ Scout. One of the ways to be perpetually prepared is to designate a place for everything, and then always place everything in that designated place.

To re emphasize:

Everything must have a place to be stored and should be returned there immediately when not in use.

Like little drops of water eventually turning into a mighty ocean, the time invested in designating and putting things in their right places yields lots of returns on that investment. Just like $1 becoming more than $1 Million if doubled consistently for thirty days, these little saving of time eventually snowball.

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You are simply more efficient whether at home, or in your office, or on the road.. because you do not ever spend / waste time looking for anything.

In addition to having specific places for specific things, the following would also enhance efficiency even more:

  • Keep similar things togetherThat way, if you can not readily remember the specific place you kept an item, grouping similar things in the same place would make speedily locating it almost foolproof
  • Match frequency of use to accessiblity of locationYou wouldn’t want to put things you use frequently in hard to reach places, would you?
  • Make conscious effort to regularly declutter your life The idea is that, the less junk you keep, the less the headache of determining where to keep them, and having to remember where they are located.

    If you have not used something for upwards of six months, you probably should throw it away ( This follows the principle of never buying / keeping what you use only occasionally. Rent instead). If there is anything you would not miss if stolen, then you probably do not need that thing, Discard!

Can you be sure (or have a good idea) of where your important documents are.. your car keys and other minor things that may not be as important but could still upset you when needed and cannot be found on time?

Are you the type who wastes lots of valuable time looking for a portion of that pair of socks, that nail_cutter, your mirror, your wedding ring and similar.?

If so, simply imbibe the habit

A place for everything, and everything in its proper.place.

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