Some time ago, I would often find that my smartphone, a Tecno Phantom  A III, has switched off while in my pocket, while walking about. When I then attempt to switch the phone on again, it fails.As soon as I open the back, pull out the battery, fit it back, the phone would power on and  work normally. That is, until any vigorous movement while on my person takes us to square zero. Clearly, the connectors are not making good contacts with the battery terminals. I scraped the battery terminals and connectors with a screw driver, with no result. I then examined the battery connectors, saw what I thought to be a slightly bent one (out of the three) and attempted to straighten it (the middle one) with a screwdriver. Alas, the middle connector broke off and I had to take the phone to a phone technician to replace the connector.

Since then, I have been having inexplicable behaviour from the phone.

For a start, I found that the phone would sometimes, often,  not charge.. unless the phone is switched off first. The mystifying thing was that this behaviour is inconsistent. Sometimes the phone would charge just fine even while on. Imagine having to switch off a phone almost every time you need to charge. For a smartphone whose battery can last a whole day, this would not constitute a (big) problem, but
the Tecno Phantom  A III is not one of those phones that can pull that stunt!

photo courtesy 360nobs.com

photo courtesy 360nobs.com

Googling the problem showed some instances of people with that exact problem. All the possible solutions proferred came to nought, for me… clean the connector, scrape the battery terminals, slightly, gently reposition the charging port with a tiny screwdriver.

Nada worked.

Matters came to a head when, while using the phone, it suddenly went off. Attempting  to switch it back on failed.


I had already concluded that the  phone would need to visit a Phone Doctor again. On a whim, I took it to a roadside phone battery charger, who then brought out a rickety looking smaller  battery, pressed it into place, firmly, against the battery connectors.

In a jiffy, the phone came on.

Ope o!!! Thank goodness !

Putting my battery in, the phone refused to come on! Even after externally charging my phone for hours. The logical conclusion was that my battery has inexplicably died, abruptly. With all the incessant downloading I have been engaged in recently, I thought the battery sudden demise could be a remote possibility.

Getting to where I would buy another (replacement) battery, the new battery still failed to power on the phone. After a lot of head scratching (that removed some clumps of hair from my bullet head), I took the phone to a technician. On disassemblying, it was found that the phone connector (changed the other time) was not making firm, proper, contact on the phone board it was soldered to.

The technician re-soldered the tripodal pins of the connector onto the board of the phone, and all seemed ship-shape. Getting home, the phone would abruptly reboot while in use, intermittently.

Which kain wahala be dis na?

Since this schizophrenic behaviour was absent before the visit to the Phone Hospital, and I have not installed any new software recently, I knew the behaviour must still have something to do with the charging brouhaha.

Calm down, Eye_Bee_Kay, I told myself.

My deep contemplation and introspection got me nowhere, and I already concluded that I would need to buy a new SmartPhone.!

Being low on cash at that point in time, and being unable to imagine myself devoid of a smartphone at every point in life, cold sweat broken out on my face.

Wads of cash to be expended, at the wrong time !

Alas, it was just a small piece of paper that saved the day and made my day

You see, the connector was still not making firm contact with the battery terminals (despite the feet  having been properly soldered to the system board). That was what was  causing the occasional abnormal spontaneous reboots.

And I did what any parsimonious IjebuMan like me would do… I packed the phone battery with a small tightly rolled piece of paper to ensure firm contact of the battery points with the connector

And life has been good ever since.

Now, who says a small sheet of paper can not be as good as wads of cash (for a new phone).

Turning paper into money is not the only prerogative of the banks, or the realm of magic, anymore.


  1. February 7, 2015 at 12:40 am

    Hahahaha…….. Wow! Who would have thought what is written in the last paragraph is what the story is all about. At a point I came to the conclusion that the topic of the post has no bearing with the body of the article.

    I should have known Eye-Bee-Kay the miser would rather get to the root of the problem than parting with cash. Eventually rolled up paper did the job but definitely not rolled up paper money. 😀

  2. WillyWest
    February 9, 2015 at 12:14 am

    😀 🙂 😀

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