So, I ran across this report,

Blue Light From Your Phone Can Speed Up Blindness, Says This Terrifying New Study Says

Photoreceptor Cells Do Not Regenerate In The Eye. When They’re Dead, They’re Dead For Good.


Naturally. for some of us who use our smartphone a lot, we would be concerned.

Someone chipped in,

I Once Watched A News Item That Discussed This But Focused On Kids Spending Hours Daily Staring At Mobile Devices.

It Was Said This Degenerates Their Eyes Slowly. The Interviewed Optician Advised Not More Than 1hr A Day Of Staring At Tablet Or Smartphone Screens, Leaving Me Wondering What Will Be The Fate Of Those Schools Where The Kids Use An iPAD Most Of The Time.

Anyway, I Have Drastically Reduced The Time Spent By My Children On Their Tablets

Blue lights??

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs, High-intensity Headlights And Other LED Lighting Do Emit Higher Blue Light Energy Than More Traditional Incandescent Light Bulbs, Causing Excess Exposure To Blue Light Than We Received Before.

Bank workers, etc, using UV lights to detect counterfeit currency notes… Are they exposing themselves to early blindness??

Like the radiation controversy of smartphones or the global warming concern, there are antagonists and protagonists, leaving one confused as to what to believe. or which is the truth.

There are those who believe, backed with scientific claims, that these pronouncements are simply scaremongering.

I asked someone who should know, being that he lives and breathes plus reviews smartphone for a living for decades, had owned over three hundred and counting.

Is it true that extended use of smartphone is a nice way to ensure you prematurely go blind?

Fact, or fiction?

He says,

A Bit Of Both. Blue Light Causes Eye Strain But Not Muscular Degeneration. See This University Of Alabama Article:

This is where the problem lies. You can almost always Google out ‘scientific facts’ or ‘research’ supporting both sides of a claim!

What do we believe??

It is always good to err on the side of caution.

Except when we compose some text on our mobile devices, we are mostly consuming information, usually video, or text..

Now, we can do something about reading text on those screens.. by sing out EARS instead of the EYES.

Eyes may be affected by blue LIGHT, but I doubt if the EARS can be affected by blue SOUND! 😉

After all, The Ears Are Mightier Than The Eyes

Someone says,

This is very possible. I try using Text-To-Speech services for reading articles now.

(I know about @Voice Aloud Reader and similar.)

He then recommended a far better (in my opinion) app to save those eyes of yours from a possible early extinction (extinguishment?) , and keep the eye doctors out of our lives.

Try This Text-To-Speech App Out.

It Can Even Read Copied Texts. You Can Share Highlighted Texts Directly To It Or Even Text Files. You Can Share Article Links From Your Rss Feed App.

You Can Also Use It To Download Articles And Read Directly In The App With Tts Or Share From Your Web Browsers.

It is free on Google Play Store. It rocks.

Do your eyes a favor, and listen instead of read whenever possible.

Make Those Eyes Last A Lifetime.

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