A ‘save’ in time burnishes characters


Every once in a while, you type a really long piece of text on your smartphone or tablet, then due to a glitch,the whole thing goes off before you have a chance to save what your typed. Perhaps you post a lengthy impassioned comment in response to a burning blog post, or your text editor decided to pull a James Bond on you by shutting down suddenly, the result is the same… the release of some colorful expletives from you, and the need to start again. Not so good for your blood pressure! What is needed is a way to type what you want with confidence and be sure that even if the mobile device powers off unexpectedly, you don’t surly your character with foul language as a result of losing several characters you typed earlier.

If you are on the Platform of Life – Android – you are in luck. We all know that, with Android, all things are possible for those who search for the right app. There is an app that conserves every single keystroke you painstakingly type out. With this,indulging in vulgar language due to lost work would no longer be necessary, thank you. You simply don’t lose even a single keystroke, no matter what. Far as I can tell, it is the only modern app in that class on the Android Platform. And, yes, on a platform where the multiplicity of apps in almost any app category is an embarrassment, this is really surprising.

Oh, yes, the name of the app?


It is available on Google Play Store, but why bother with store when you can simply pick this off the roadside?

images (1)

I would not be bothering to go through the features.The app is straight-forward enough.

Now, I can already sense your concern. Security. An app that records all my keystrokes. Horrors! What if it records my bank login details and transfers same to a server in China for cybercriminals to play roulette with my bank account?

Three things. One, The app lacks the Internet permission, so it can’t transmit nada to nowhere. Two, the app allows you specify in which apps you want keystrokes to be tracked. Tha way,it won’t track and record keystrokes made while in applications you specify. Three, the application has a password feature which ensures that prying eyes can’t snoop through those ‘for your eyes only’ stuff you typed in your chat application.

You need to be running Android 4.0 and above.

Are you still loitering here? Quickly grab a copy of TYPE MACHINE from HERE , or if you like going to stores, the Google Play Store is there, waiting for you.

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