Does Platonic Friendship Really Exist?

I was recently engrossed in a heated argument. The crux of the argument was the possibility or feasibility of two people of the opposite sex being mere “platonic friends”.

Plato was a Greek philosopher in the days past. Platonic love is a type of love that is named after him, who was the first to describe this kind of love.

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Here is a dictionary definition of “Platonic”:


Not sexual in nature; being or exhibiting platonic love.
They are good friends, but their relationship is strictly platonic.

alternative case form of Platonic  or relating to the philosophical views of Plato and his successors.


romantic, sexual
translations (not sexual in nature)


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This argument started when a married woman called another married man (not her husband) her best friend. I asked curiously if her husband would be pleased to hear that another man is her “best friend”. She casually and nonchalantly answered that her husband is aware of this fact.

Say what?

For me, it’s either she doesn’t value / regard her husband (anymore), or the marriage has plateaued. As a woman, when it gets to a point where another man who is not your husband) is considered your best friend, then there could be fire on the mountain o!

Can two grown adults of the opposite sex be emotionally connected (“friends”) without it degenerating (elevating?) to the physical, eventually? Can you trust yourself (and that “friend” of the opposite sex) to always be in control emotionally? For a woman, maybe it is a possibility, but being a man, easily moved by what we see, I would not swear things won’t get out of hand some day. As we say where I hail from, “don’t bother smelling what you have no intention of eating”. Some sweet smelling things can kill, so stop inhaling randomly!

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People are usually attracted to eachother for different reasons. When the attraction is between people of the same sex, it is usually due to shared professional, religipus ideologocal interest.. or similar believes on some (or many fronts). Unless you are gay, this friendship would be asexual.

When the attraction is between two people of the opposite sex, it can be same as the ones listed above for similar sexes. But you have the additional attraction…the role of the hormones … where the opposite sex is involved.

Now, the hormones can lead to physical reflexive actions that we literally can’t control… like adrenaline making your heart beat faster, you may NOT be able to control your physical urges when you are so emotionally involved with an opposite sex, who is not your spouse. You just had a raging fight with your obese wife. You drive over to meet your best (female) platonic friend at the other find of town. She comforts you, wipes the furrows from your brows, you hold her palms and wonder why you are married to that monster (a.k.a, bitch) at home, instead of this sweet comforting angel with succulent palms. Before you know it…. yeah, you got it

Temptation, opportunity, a moment of emotional weakness, and you may start what you never intended, and reach the point of no withdrawal (I meant return).

Your possible inability to keep relationships on a platonic level (with familiar opposite sex) is why psychologists advise you cut off interaction with your ex .. because it is all too easy to backslide. Keep your ex in your past. Firmly.You are now at Point A.

So, is platonic friendship possible? Advisable?

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