I use my smartphone a lot. There is absolute necessity that I be online constantly.. throughout the day.

Now, I own a smartphone with humongous battery capacity, but the charge cannot last the entire day. I need daily topup for the phone to stay alive..

A combination of factors occurred recently and emphasized the platitude that, All You Need To Do To Make Money Is Provide A Solution To People’s Problems . Or show them a more efficient or easier way of doing what they already do.

My electricity generator packed-up because we had a major electrical faint in my area in the past one month, and that sole generator had been working round the clock, without break.

The poor thing eventually gave up.

Here I was, with a phone about to die, the powerbank is completely depleted, the generator refusing to start, and me needing to be online always.

What to do?

In my neighborhood, I know there is a guy who charges phones, laptops and powerbanks – for a fee.

A little kiosk, a reliable small generator, an electrical board with numerous electrical outlets to plug the phones into, and he is in business.

Okada riders, people who need to charge their phone but are suffering the pervasive lack of electricity frequent his kiosk, daily @ 50 Naira per charge.

I gave him a try, and, voilà, my problem is solved. I own a fast charging phone. Within one hour, my phone is fully charged from almost zero level. And he collects his fee.

Ami I happy to hand-over my money to him? You bet!


Until the technician repairs my generator or the major electrical fault in my area is rectified, he has a customer in me .. daily.

From the numerous number of phones being charged at that little outlet, this guy must be making a tidy sum, daily.

A little investment in a small generator, a small kiosk, he must be having a ROI close to 50%, monthly.

Not shabby at all.

The lesson here?

If you are able to provide a solution to a problem that a number of people have, you would make money. A matter of observing, and providing that solution, with a difference!

The difference with this guy? Even if you don’t have a charger, this guy has up to forty chargers available to charge your phone , tablets or powerbank, along with an affable disposition.

Those are his Unique Selling Points ( USPs )

He is in business.. for as long as our electricity woes continue…

This suddenly reminds me of the skepticism to the adoption of Electricity Vehicles(EV) in Nigeria. Looking at the dismal electric supply situation in Nigeria , most believe that we are not ready, Despite The Fact That The Future Of Cars Is Electric.

But, what stops a Mobil or an Oando setting up charging stations all over instead of the petrol filling stations they currently have? Each bank branch has giant generators superfluous to their needs. What stops them, or any other organization that produces surplus electricity from offering Electric Vehicle. charging, on the side?

Just a thought.

Why can’t Zenon ..or a big corporation similar to that ..have electricity charging stations all over, thus solving a problem people anticipate having.. regarding being able to get their electric vehicle charged at all times?

See. A problem begging for solution.!

And I am sure the one(s) who provide this solution would reap the result bountifully!.

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