I have been having running battles on Twitter, regarding the GSM networks illegally stealing from my credit and giving stupid reasons and excuses.

Have a look at The Dilemma of Being A Nigerian Phone User, where I complained about this stealing.

I have had to contend with Etisalat Nigeria again. I had to port from Etisalat Nigeria, to MTN, And now to Etisalat. Same stealing.

My latest complaint to Etisalat Nigeria, on Twitter ..

Morning!. I Loaded N100 This Morning To Allow Me Use D *737# Gtbank Service. Without Any Call, The Balance Is Depleted By N10. How Come?. Does Etisalat Charge For Using The Gtb Service Now, In Addition To The Bank Charge, Itself? My Number Is xxxxxxxxxxx

The next day, I had further depletion of credit, again, without any call or SMS being made on the line.

I complained again:

Without Making A Single Call, The ₦100 Loaded Yesterday Morning Has Been Reduced By ₦47.33 As At This Morning I Urgently Need Explanations, Please.

Here is the lame response given to my complaint:

angry phone user


Hi There! We Checked Your Line And It Was Revealed That You Were Charged For An Sms Alert Service From Nazara Games. Please Send “Stop” Or “Unsub” To 5150. You Have Been Compensated With 10 Minutes And 5 Sms For Etisalat Lines Only Valid For 7 Days. Apologies For The Inconvenience Experienced. *TaiwoT

What’s Nazara games again?

I decided to have a look at my wife’s MTN line, and alas I got shell shocked. They have been stealing from her credit too, with abundance, and she is not even aware (or, doesn’t care).

Here are text are messages concerning three illegal deductions… for phantom subscriptions. I am dead sure she never made those subscriptions!

Your learn English weekly subscription has been renewed. Your service will now expire on 8/1/2016. Enjoy!

Learn WHAT?

Your Chelsea FC Weekly subscription has been renewed and N50 deducted from your account. Your service will now expire on 8/1/2016. Enjoy!!

No, my wife doesn’t do football. Doesn’t know Manchester from Chelsea, and neither do I.

Your SAHARA REPORTER’S Weekly subscription has been renewed and N50 deducted from your account. Your service will now expire on 8/1/2016. Enjoy!

Say what?.

I have smartphones, tablets and a laptop. Why in hell would my wife subscribe to some stupid Saharareporters weekly?

I am deeply deeply upset and tired of all these scams by these networks.

No, I didn’t subscribe to anything. Neither did my wife..

GLO, here I come. Hopefully, they won’t be thieves like the others.

Meanwhile, what the heck is NCC doing about this unending fleecing? I am so angry about all these that I can’t breathe.

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