Well, When I Was Younger, I Lied All The Time, Because Once You Understand The Power Of Lying, It’s Really Like Magic Because You Transform Reality For People.

—Louis C. K.

So, someone says,

In Business, Nothing Hurts You More Than Lying.


He has obviously been lied to, and he is hurting bad. I understand how he must be feeling.. Nobody would like to be at the wrong distal end of a deception stick .

However, similarly to when people say, Givers Never Lack, it is a matter of who is doing the GIVING and who is doing the TAKING. I can bet my moustache that it is usually the taker that says, Givers Never Lack.

Similarly, the one who says lying does damage in business would likely not say so when he is one doing the lying to get the upper hand in some business dealings.

There has always been a tenuous line between ethics / morals and business, with the general consensus that you minimally need to bend the truth somewhat, sometimes, to get ahead in business. Subtle half truth, obfuscation, etc are all designed to minimally color the truth, painting things a bit more resplendently than they really are. It is the less desirable necessary part of the business repertoire so essential to successful  enterprise.

Lying Is Essential To Doing Business and I think whoever says otherwise is either naive or hypocritical.

Honesty is the worst policy in several business and non business situations. Human behaviour is replete with  half-truths, obfuscations, coverups and outright lies. A parent does not tell the ward the entire truth all the time. You shouldn’t tell your spouse or reveal things that would not further a harmonious relationship in the home. Many people make promises they have not intention of keeping, or can’t possibly keep, smile at people they utterly dislike, and learn how to pretend – so as to get along in life.

You Shall Say The Truth And The Truth Shall Hold You Captive.

Someone once said,

The Secret Of Life Is Honesty And Fair Dealing. If You Can Fake That, You’ve Got It Made

Oh, yes, Groucho Marx.

The implication of this statement is that, it is not important whether what you are saying is the truth or not.. it is whether the audience / listener believes your rigmarole counts! Like someone told me long ago,

Something Becomes Illegal ONLY When You Get Caught!

Perception is reality .

Some industries / professions are inherently predicated on falsehood / deceit. The cosmetic industries is exemplary…  selling the hope of ethereal beauty to the consumers, the law profession where truth is not what is important, but perception,  skills and technicalities being the bedrock of proclaiming the innocent as guilty and the guilty. as innocent.

There are too many instances where lying is simply essential.  Going for that interview to bid for a contract slightly above your abilities, trying to land that employment with your dream company, attempting to get that ravishingly voluptuous girl to say “yes” to your advances. In those situations and others, it would simply be foolish not to gloss over things that would diminish your chances and accentuate those that will brighten your favorable perception.

Partly, lying is failing to call a spade as bloody spade.

Is lying wrong? I would leave your conscience to be the judge of that!

2 comments for “A LIE IN TIME SAVES TIME

  1. November 1, 2017 at 8:53 pm

    No matter how you cut it, lying is lying and its not good. It has theotential of hurting more than telling the truth. It hurts both the liar and the one being lied to.

    • Ibukun Olapya
      April 28, 2019 at 7:33 am

      There are situations where lying would literally save your life.

      in such similar situations, being truthfully would simply be foolish

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