Some news of interest during the week.

BlackBerry sues Facebook, claims theft of intellectual property

I suppose BlackBerry still has enough money to waste on litigation? Although I haven’t gone through the specifics of what the beef is about, I wonder why, when you are  out_innovated, the next step is. Go attempt to grab cheap money by going to court on frivolous claims?

Let’s see keep watching where this ends.


You Will Be Able To Use Your Phone As A Bluetooth Mouse Or Keyboard In Android P

The smartphone is getting more and more useful. Now, desktop mouse and keyboard makers may have something to worry about.

Yes, the smartphone is Serious Power On The Palms Of Our Hand  and the imagination appears to be the only limit to what it can be made to accomplish,

Gboard now supports Chinese, Korean, and 20 other new languages 

Google’s keyboard continues to add more and more languages (and value!) to its repertoire.

While I am of the opinion that Google keyboard became worse in swiping proficiency since being rewritten and renamed GBoard, nevertheless, it is still a force to reckon with in the keyboard war, and this latest update would delight speakers of these two languages and swell the GBoard user base.

There was a separate Japanese GBoard before now.

Zenith Bank and EcoBank Zenith Bank are partnering Facebook, Mastercard To Pioneer QR Payments On Facebook Messenger.

I expect other banks to emulate this quickly, and this should drastically expand on the financial inclusion drive of the CBN / banks..

It looks like our banks are realizing that traditional banking needs better adoption of technology to continue to stay relevant in this age of FinTech.

Good one!

Electric Car: Jaguar Stalks Tesla With $70,000 i-Pace SUV

Practically all the car makers are going electric. Tesla, the dominant force in this field sure has to keep looking behind its shoulders, and stay on its technological toes.

From GM, to Volvo, to Volkswagen to Mercedes – companies with greater resources – are all going into Electric  Vehicles manufacture with gusto.

This sustained competition can only continue to bring prices down.

It is not only vehicles and planes that  are exploring Electric Power for propulsion.

You also have bikes. .

Have a look at Electric Bikes, Or e-Bikes, Are The New Cool

Now, this would not be a bad thing, provided dedicated lanes can be provided for them. I daresay many Okada riders (commercial motorcyclists) would find this very economical in the cities. Imagine – during fuel crisis, you can do yanga.

But then, the question has always,̀ been where is the electricity to charge all these Electric locomotives?


Finally, New SanDisk microSD Cards Are Faster Than Your Phone Can Handle

This may not be good news for smartphone manufacturers that make a bundle by selling phones of different internal memories for markedly different prices. A certain company in Cupertino comes to mind.

For the rest of us, it is wonderful news.

The attention that big internal storage was getting then was was as a result of its faster read/write speed compared to SDcards speed. If the SDcards are becoming as fast / faster and as reliable, then that edge vanishes.

Those that can afford to pay exorbitant fees for larger inbuilt storage can continue on that trajectory.

There you have it. A couple of interesting tech news.

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