A Classy Lady

imagesA lot of people make the mistake of inter-changing wealth for class. Having a ton of cash, however, does not automatically make a lady classy. Think about it for a minute. Who have you ever thought of as having class? Sure, they might be wealthy, but I’m sure you didn’t draw that conclusion based on their account balance alone.

Owing to the quality of life in Nigeria, most girls aren’t taught the rules of class. In fact, the way of the classy lady is frowned upon in the daily hustle and bustle of the streets. Still, there’s a certain elegance that oozes out of a lady who takes care to do according to those rules and yes, she is usually well liked by everyone.

To understand what it entails to become a classy lady, picture these two scenarios;


Scenario 1:
A flamboyantly dressed beautiful woman with gold, bold accessories arrives an event in a state of the art car. From the moment her feet touches the ground, she calls attention to herself by her charisma and loud laughter. She orders the help around and flips when they make any errors no matter how minute. She exudes riches and looks down on those she doesn’t consider to be of lower social status.
Scenario 2:
A modestly dressed woman arrives in a state of the art car. Instead of moving everyone and everything to get dropped off at the main entrance, she parks a little way off and makes her way to the entrance on foot. She’s wearing almost invisible make-up, smiles at everyone and thanks the help when they provide her a service. You can see that her pearls and gab are expensive, but nothing is screaming for attention. No cleavage to be seen, no skimpy gown that leaves little to the imagination.


I’m sure you would readily pick the lady in scenario 2 as the classy one. So if we wrote a tentative list of the do’s and don’ts of being classy, I think they would include:
1. Never use swear words. If a situation irritates you, remain calm. A lady does not scream.
2. Use make-up sparingly. Cover up all your blemishes, but don’t wear a mask of make-up. A bronzer, matted lipstick, eye liner and mascara are all you need. The more natural the look, the classier.
3. Take care of your skin. Look for skin care products that nourish your skin type
4. Take care of your hair. Never leave your house with hair looking like a birds nest
5. Smile. At all times
6. Be polite. Thank staff, be friendly, take genuine interest in others
7. Have style. Do not dress shabbily. Look for styles and trends that make you look fabulous. Do not expose intimate body parts
8. Be clean and practice good hygiene. Carry around mints, a make-up bag and a mild perfume.
9. Have a discipline. Study something. Be serious about it. Do your job properly
10. Do not slouch. Mind your posture
11. Don’t have sex for as long as possible. Don’t date jerks either
12. Never get drunk in public. Ever!

You’d agree there’s no end to that list but the most important thing to remember is- be yourself. No one likes a fake person.

3 comments for “A Classy Lady

  1. Eye_Bee_Kay
    February 25, 2015 at 2:55 pm

    Many of the things listed up there actually apply to the gentlemen as well.

    Good points.

    But wait..

    Why would you need class when you have tonnes of cash to burn?


    Perhaps we are forgetting that nothing confers class on you like real money does?

    A ruffian musical celebrity smokes ganja on stage with saggy pants, and still draws the crowd.

    A Lady Gaga…. You get the point.

    The guy who said..

    {You are dead without money..}

    hit the hammer with a nail!

    Meanwhile, dead people don’t need any panache, unless they stay wealthy, or do they?

  2. WillyWest
    February 26, 2015 at 12:49 am

    I love them classy confident (not arrogant) ladies. (

  3. steve
    March 2, 2015 at 12:12 am

    Hmmm…….. I think Eye-Bee-Kay has a point there. The very word “classy” connotes wealth to some extent. You are in a class. Usually in the upper echelon. And trust me, almost all women ( I wouldn’t use the word Ladies) in that class are proud and look down on others. So for them it is naturally acceptable to shout on and treat “lower class” people like shit.

    Maybe the writer would have used the word “elegant” rather than “classy” to qualify the type of women she has in mind.

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