Actually, leg up there should have read, eye or hand there.

I bet that caught your attention there!

Cell phone dependency is now called compulsive communicating. Chain dialers call continually to get another fix.

Your smartphone is your third hand or third eye. It enhances your usefulness as a human being, and is the center of your efficient existence.


Worldwide sales of smartphones surpassed the ones of dumb- and feature- cell telephones for the first time in 2013, according to figures from Gartner. Gartner (a US research firm) figures show a continued upward swing in the numbers of smart-phones being sold, worldwide, while non smartphone sales figures keep dropping.

The upswing in smartphone sales is impacting our lives in major ways. Nowadays, the cellular phone is now not just a telephone. Of course, they are full fledged computers in the palms of our hands. They are able to access the internet, keep us in touch with our e-mails, substitute (somewhat) for our cameras, keep us in touch with social networks, or get facts in real time, among numerous other things.

Comparatively lower acquisition and ownership costs are encouraging the lowest low class to procure one for himself. With more people owning a smartphone than a bank account in a country like Kenya, with the attendant transactional efficiency engendered by mobile money, e-health, etc, this is one device with incredible impact on modern life.

Nowadays, the smartphone world is a continuing bloodbath, littered with the carcasses of manufacturers who couldn’t stand the heat. Many OEMs are in trouble , while Asian firms which have conquered the biggest mind-share, are driving smart-phone prices down to unimaginable levels, while simultaneously pushing up technological expectations of what is possible for ‘small change’.

The company with the apple logo still remains the most profitable smartphone company, in the world and indeed the most valuable brand, with laser focus on high-end products.

Apple today takes the lion share of all smart-phone profits. Samsung, for its part, is not far behind, and continues to be a clear and present danger to Apple’s dominance. It would certainly be tough to imagine a telephony world without Samsung to continue to keep Apple’s iPhone on its metaphoric toes.

The ability to constantly innovate and push the technological envelope with attractive devices is what has been keeping Samsung in the limelight, and this propensity to innovate at a frenetic pace doesn’t seem to be abating.

Running far behind these giants are different Asian companies like Gionee, Huawei, LG Electronics, Lenovo and ZTE. Only time would tell, what impact, if any, Nokia’s second coming would have on the smartphone world.

The two leading powerful smart-phone companies are likely to maintain their unassailable lead in the nearest future, with Xiaomi being the only likely contender to shake things up significantly worldwide, due to products with incredible value for money that they are noted for.


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