9-9-6 Is Corporate 4-1-9

Get this arithmetic!

Recently there was an uproar concerning the opinion expressed by Jack Ma the Alibaba owner and richest man in China (supporting / encouraging people working from 9am to 9pm.. 6 days of the week

This is the “9-9-6” principle.

While ack Ma and Elon Musk praise grueling job schedules, employees around the world are demanding shorter workweeks.

Someone opines,

I kind of stand with the employers. Most groundbreaking work demands more than the conventional work hours

There is no doubt that a lot of hard work is required to make a resounding success of anything. This is particularly true in industries (mostly technological) where innovation, continued innovation, does not happen without major sustained effort .

To stay head of the competitive curve, it is generally necessary to put in smart work and hard work and often, long work

But, too much of anything is bad. I believe that the kind of work-hours that a person like Elon Musk of Tesla is putting into his work is unusual, uf not inhuman / abnormal and he should not reasonably expect that level of commitment from his employees.

Also the reported level of stress that employees go through in meeting their targets at a place like Amazon should be discouraged. Governments should actually stand firm on how many hours employees can be mandated to work on a regular basis.

Humans aren’t robots. Only robots can consistently produce sterling results in a workplace .. because they. don’t get tired or bored from repetitive tasks. There is alao scientific evidence to the effect that humans do better jobs under less intense pressure.

Exercise and healthy living are two of your best weapons against workplace stress.

Exercise takes employees’ minds off the stress of their job to focus on the task at hand. It also improves moods by increasing the production of endorphins, the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters.

Well, how can you exercise and eat well of you spend hours at work and almost as many hours in traffic?

True. It is difficult to find a balance between professional and personal life in these modern days, with the former generally having the tendency to take precedence over the latter. And working for a boss who expects your whole life to revolve around the work in question only makes this balance impossible to attain.

Someone opines,

Perpetual long work hours shouldn’t be a normal but something that could be confined occasionally, when necessary. when the need arises.

I’ve worked in an industry where a sense of responsibility won’t let me leave when there’s a problem that I think I could help solve even when my shift has elapsed.

Perfectionist bosses tend to overwork. What would satisfy the average person needs to be examined and reconstructed and done again over and over again. Perfectionism is often accompanied by a difficulty to delegate effectively and may explain why a boss like Elon Musk of Tesla would be sleeping on the factory floor despite having managers.

Is that really the best way to spend executive time?

Perfectionism increases the likelihood of burn-out from overwork…

Some humans have the tendency to sacrifice the quality of what is happening in the present moment in favor of a future that is ultimately very uncertain. Specifically,, instead of enjoying the present moment by devoting quality time to what really matters, they would rather focus on a distant and hypothetical career progression, or a dream.of significantly changing the world in some way..

Many consider it virtuous and admirable the sacrifices made today in the hope of a better tomorrow. And this could be the driving force of workaholics who go beyond and above the normal, and expect others around them.to do.the same.

What is important is generally not urgent, and urgent things are aeldom important.

Consistently prioritizing professional subjects because of their urgency (but not necessarily important) over family life (important, but not urgent), is to risk neglecting the important short-term .

Spending quality time with your family is never urgent, but extremely important.

Presumably those who work long hours and expect others around them to also work similarly wants to achieve more in less time .. urgency. A person like Elon Musk is trying to send people to Mars and he is building all these futuristic stuff..he needs that extra time.

But a man can only do what he can do, and there is always tomorrow to continue from where you left off

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.
Success Hard Work Best

–Vince Lombardi

Work hard, but don’t overdo things. And while at it, remember recreation. Re-create. Remember to play hard. If you are hard at work perpetually, nature would eventually show you who is BOSS.

Maybe Elon Musk working himself almost to death to achieve all these lofty things in a lifetime truly means 24 hours a day may not be enough for him, as a man in a hurry.


I Believe We Need To Live To Work, And Not Work To Live.

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