Cancer has been a worldwide issue for some time now, it is still without cure if it reaches its advanced stages. But in this statement lies hope, as it can be managed and in most cases patients can return to a normal state of health when symptoms are detected early and patients receive prompt and appropriate treatment.

Here are a few symptom which are often overlooked but just might be pointers to cancer in its early form;

  1. PAIN IN CERTAIN PLACESmouth action Pain can generally be associated with strenuous activities or could be attained as a result of trauma, however pain in certain region that just refuses to go away may just be an onset of malignant growth. According to the American Cancer Society, persistent back pain may be a sign of colon or ovarian cancer or mesothelioma, persistent headache on the other hand can be a pointer to cancerous growth in the brain.

  2. SEVERE OR PERSISTENT WEIGHT LOSS                                            50_cent_things_fall_apart_skinny_02.jpg                                                                                                 This would have been the dream of many people, but were an individual has noticed an appreciable weight loss without any change to his usual life style  – like having a special diet or exercising then one has to be concerned, according to the American Cancer Society cancer development along any part of the digestive system might just be the culprit.

  3. SLIGHT SWELLINGS OR GROWTHS JNatScBiolMed_2013_4_1_223_107296_f1Of course this is the most common symptom especially for breast cancers and awareness has always been made to ensure self examination among adult women, but any growth on other parts of the body should also give reasons for concern.

    photo courtesy - agfax.net

    photo courtesy – agfax.net

    Fatigue could arise as a result of having a stressful day, happens to me often but after a good deep sleep I get my energy back, however those types of tiredness that just doesn’t go away even if you sleep for 48 hours at a go calls for concern. According to the American Cancer Society blood cancer or leukemia is usually the culprit.

  5. SKIN DISCOLORATIONskin discoloration This case is peculiar to lighter skinned people like Caucasians and albinos and occurs as a result of excessive exposure to sunlight. Discolorations like this might be harmless but a situation were such discoloration is seen to change appearance and color, more attention should be paid to it and a doctor consulted as it just might be the onset of skin cancer.

  6. PERSISTENT FEVERimages (11) Some cases of lymphoma and leukemia are characterized by persistent fevers as the body or immune system tries to fight off the intruders. It goes without saying that any case of fever that keeps reoccurring (cancer or not) should prompt one to seek medical counsel.


Any issue documented in this list is merely a possible symptom of cancer, not a formal diagnosis, it is recommended that every one should be vigilant and see the doctor as needed.

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