5 Ways to Stay Attractive For Your Partner

We all want to have the finest ‘babes’ or ‘dudes’ as lovers. This is no anomaly at all, after all who wouldn’t love to have an attractive partner. It is for those reasons that it really pays that you work really hard at staying as attractive as possible so that you continue being the desire of your partner.

But wait a minute! Have you taken time to really know what staying attractive means? Is it all about the looks, or could there be other underlying traits that make attraction up? Well, this read proposes to answer those questions.

If your partner’s interest has plummeted, then here are 5 surefire tips on how you can constantly stay attractive.

1. Wear a Wonderful Personality

This first rule of thumb might somewhat come across as strange to some folks who ordinarily do not have a warm personality. If you fall on this side of the divide, it is no time to brood over your personality. Rather it is worthy to note that you can work at building a warm personality.

There is no hard and fast rule about how one came about one’s personality. Whilst, some are born with great personalities, you cannot rule out the ones that have built on theirs overtime. If for instance; you do not readily strike your partner as one who is cheerful, or wear a smile, you may begin to cultivate the habit of smiling more often. Truth is that experts have said that having a warm smile can actually be infectious, thereby endearing you more to your partner.

Photo courtesy - african-sweetheart.com

Photo courtesy – african-sweetheart.com

2. Wear a Good perfume Or Cologne

It is true that some folks miss it when it comes to the right choice of fragrances to wear. However, the truth is that some kind of fragrances has the power of sparking off attraction. Therefore you may have to invest a little bit more in buying some good fragrances. It is worthy to note that you do not have to break a bank to pull this off. There still are affordable fragrances for dudes and ladies that are affordable and yet timeless.

photo courtesy - fragrances.bg

photo courtesy – fragrances.bg

3. Work at Your Physique

Ever heard the saying that goes; ‘Having an imperfect body posture can cost you a relationship’? Well, if you haven’t, now i just told you. You have got to really work at your carriage. I once heard the story of a lady who wooed her husband into a relationship just by the way she sashayed into a party hall. This can apply to the men folks too. You may have to practice to make perfect if you feel you do not have the right walking step or if you feel your stature needs to be worked on. You may consider enrolling in a gym or doing some home workouts to get the best results.

photo courtesy - pinterest.com

photo courtesy – pinterest.com

4. Be a Power Dresser

You do not only have to have a fine face to be attractive. You can substitute for what you do not possess on the face by being a power dresser. Being a power dresser, means that you have got to have an exquisite dress sense. Know the colors that fit you, how to combine colors, as well as how to accessorize. You may agree with me that we all get excited when out partners look really good in what they are adorned with. Therefore begin to make amends if you feel you lack in this area.

Photo courtesy - pinterest.com

Photo courtesy – pinterest.com

5. Be Romantic

The role romance plays in a relationship cannot be undermined. The truth is that when you are a drop- dead romantic, you make your partner always look forward to being with you. For instance; the men folks would really appreciate a lady who is so romantic, as they do not have to be the ones initiating romance always. A romantic person can be made; therefore you may want to consider learning some romance tricks from relationship experts, books or the internet.

photo courtesy - atlantablackstar.com

photo courtesy – atlantablackstar.com

There you have it guys; 5 powerful tips to makes yours when you really do not want to lose your partner to a competitor.

3 comments for “5 Ways to Stay Attractive For Your Partner

  1. Noni
    March 15, 2015 at 9:57 am

    Damn, I’m none of those things. I’m doomed!

    • March 22, 2015 at 11:37 pm

      @Noni, Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder.
      You are much far from being doomed and you know that very well 😀

  2. Eye_bee_kay
    March 18, 2015 at 1:07 pm

    Good points.

    But then, like any list, it’s can’t be exhaustive.

    How about the sapiosexuals.?

    A decorated monkey is still a monkey. A woman could have the curvaceous physique of an Adonis, be romantic like Oedipus, dress with the gorgeousness of Michelle Obama, if she doesn’t keep her mental acuity updated, I would find her as dull as our Clueless one

    I guess some women folks are also like that…

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