Many people have the singular goal of getting rich so as to stop working – despite numerous studies demonstrating that our job satisfaction are mainly tied to non-monetary sources.

Many dreamily imagine an idyllic life spruced up with ethereal beaches and sparkling iridescent sunlight. It is often a regular topic of discussion among friends, associates amd colleagues, ruminating among themselves what they would do once money becomes no object. Many often dream of an existence devoid of the necessity to work.

So, you want to be rich, and then stop working?


Working every day is not or should not be just to money. Otherwise the ultra-rich like Elon Musk, Carlos Elon or Jeff Bezos would not be working any more, or so hard. Working is a way to ensure unending personal development.

While the desire to become truly wealthy remains a worthy dream for many, many others have attained that dream, then realized that money is just the result of consistent work, but cannot substitute for work itself.

There is the story of this 35-year old InfoPreneur who has experienced a stratospheric rise in his networth – earned tonnes of money in a very short period. This makes a complete change of lifesgyle easily feasible and attractive for him.

As a start, he embarked on a trip for a year to enjoy the good life. A period of laing around and “excesses”.

After a year of indulgent existence had passed, he came to a sudden realization.

His wealth, and the choices ot afforded him didn’t give him the happiness and satisfaction that his work was giving him!

He started looking for new challenges as his whole year of nothingness gave him a rudderless existence. A feeling that he was dying!

This is shocking realization for someone who was always believed that – he was working solely to make money – then he can quit after he has stashed enough wads away.

He realized that there is more to job satisfaction than money – after a year of idleness.

Very many examples exist to demonstrate that wealth can not substitute for the need for work.

Why does Larry Ellison of Oracle or Aliko Dangote of Dangote Group still work furioisly despite their levels of wealth? This is because overcoming challenges and living a life with goals and purpose are indispensable to a happy / balanced life. This has nothing to do with affluence level.

Yes, our job satisfaction comes mainly from non-monetary sources. The quality of our relationships with other people, ability to dream of / up goals and carry them to fruition, all contribute to our feeling of self-worth and accomplishment. The need for social acceptance is also ingrained in human beings .

How do you respond to an enquiry regarding what you do for a living? People would not ask you how much you are worth when you encounter them, but they sure want to know what and how you contribute to society.

It is often said that once you make money to a certain level, you should let your money be working while you take things easy. But many find out you simply rot away if you follow this advice strictly.

Being engaged in honorable work entails having goals to work towards, activities that will give you the satisfaction of accomplishment when those goals are met.

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